Friday, April 23, 2010

MFO x New York Street Style for Metro Magazine

I am so excited to share with you all that I played street style photographer (with Berry, my assistant, in tow of course) for Metro Magazine and roamed the streets of Manhattan back in February (it was NY Fashion Week too! So lots of stylish folks around!) in search of subjects for my New York Street Style story!

Please get a copy of the May Issue of Metro Magazine and see what New Yorkers have been wearing. I know it's steaming hot in Manila, but with a two month lead time (the norm in magazine publications) my subjects were still dressed for winter. But whatever, I'd like to think I captured the essence of New York style in my photos.

I know it's still April, but yes! May issue of Metro Magazine is out now! Show some love to your budding Garance (Hahaha, hey it wasn't easy approaching complete strangers ha. You know how busy and/or neurotic some New Yorkers can be). It was hard work (taking photos and carrying Berry in a sling) and I was a jangle of emotions - friendly (Hi! I love your style, may I take your photo?!), anxious (Please? It's for a fashion  magazine back home.) and ecstatic (Really?! Yay! Thanks so much, can you stand here please where the light is better?). Hahaha! What a rollercoaster. Fun and tiring, but made with lots of thought and love. So I hope you enjoy it.

PS - Thanks to my SIL Les for carrying Berry's baby bag while I was running after people. Thanks to Celine aka The Chiconomist too! Couldn't have done this without you girls. Hahaha!

(Photo courtesy of Marie Lozano aka @iammarielozano in Twitter)


RubyG said...

I have to get a copy! congratulations!

cd_mfo said...

Yay! Please do and tell me what you think! Thanks Ruby!

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