Thursday, May 27, 2010

HP x SATC2: No Spoilers! Just a Sneak Peek!

It's practically impossible for SATC's fans to not know that the movie they've all been waiting for is premiering today, May 27 (for folks back home in Manila, you'll have to wait until June 2).

And even if you don't care about SATC, here in New York, there are billboards of SATC2 galore, it's impossible to ignore!

These two billboards were just a block away from each other!

What most of you don't know is that a couple of HP's Spring 2010 Collection of netbooks, notebooks & PCs will debut on Sex & The City 2! Can you spot the HPs?

I was part of a group of bloggers and lifestyle journalists from various countries who were treated to the SATC experience via HP showcases and fashion installations. Of course, we got to attend the pre-screening of Sex & The City 2 too (showing May 27 in the US and June 2 in Manila) at Paris Theatre! 

Here's a sneak peek via photos. Read the full story On The Radar!

Because HP x SATC2 is all about technology and style, the media kit came neatly packaged in this blinged out USB flash (literally!) drive.

 We got to have souvenir photos taken by this spherical camera! It's like a giant webcam no?

Here's how mine looked like!

Now with Myrza of and Maggie of Elle Hongkong

Of course there were plenty of eye and techie candy with HP + fashion showcases to ogle at!
Vivienne Tam "Boutique"

HP x Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers

The digital clutch that started it all! HP x Vivienne Tam Peonies

Project Runway Design Experience

Priscilla of Boston Bridal Experience. Priscilla of Boston partnered with HP in developing technology that would allow a bride to cut down her wedding gown shopping time from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes via a program that would filter gowns based on variables (ie price, cut, fabric). A bride can also see how a gown moves on screen before actually trying it on!

A showcase of HP's Spring 2010 Collection

There's a netbook/digital clutch to suit every taste and personality:

Of course, the highlight of the media event was the design panel discussion facilitated by Tracey Trachta, Executive Director of Global Marketing of HP. The panel included Fern Mallis (formerly of IMG), Kimberly Minor (Priscilla of Boston), Project Runway's Emilio Sosa, Vivienne Tam, and Sandie Cheng (senior industrial designer of HP). What they talked about? It's On the Radar!

And yes, yes, I saw the movie in Paris Theatre! Such a cheap thrill to watch the movie right here in Manhattan. You know, seeing it on screen and then stepping out of Paris Theatre with Bergdorf on my right and the Plaza right across!

Plus, lots of treats from HP to munch on! Yeah, I'm low maintenance like that!

Plenty of models, socialites (Olivia Palermo!), designers and industry bigwigs attended the pre-screening too, so that was fun. Oh! And I saw Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner walk out of the movie midway (yeah, I saw them, they were just a few seats in front of me). And here's a geeky techie trivia. While HP partnered with the producers of SATC, Carrie still used her Mac in the movie.

But like I said, I'm saving all the juicy bits and will do the storytelling on The Radar! Watch out for it ok!


Arlene M said...

tin, how coincidental naman. I watched the media screening of SATC2 last Wednesday at Power Plant mall and it was sponsored by HP, too. (among others). They raffled off a green bag (with surprise gifts inside) and I was telling my seatmate that I would be willing to walk down the theater steps if I win one of the bags they were giving away and I won! The inside didn't have a netbook (I was actually wishing for HP ink for my printer, babaw, I know) but it did have a headset and a 4GB flashdrive. Talk about cheap thrills :-)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Parallel universe? You in Manila, me in Manhattan! How cute! I was secretly hoping for a netbook! Hahaha! Ambisyosa!

RubyG said...

Blinged USB!!! Wow!! And yes, I noticed the netbook in the movie..heheheh! I may not wish for the VT netbook since I'm very pleased with my Tord, I want the clover necklace naman.. hehehehe!

cd_mfo said...

You got the Tord! How many netbooks do you have now Ruby! Hahaha!

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