Friday, May 21, 2010


Might as well be 27 Dresses because this New Zealand label is HAWT! Like WHITE HOT! Since I love all the little white dresses and tops. So delightfully dainty! With all the tiny, pretty details like ruffles and pintucks, darts and lace. Well, I want almost everything in their summer 2010/2011 lookbook. (Not to say, I also have wants in their past and current season lookbooks! Will share more of that next time. Let's first look into the future and dream...)

So goodness, please help me earn the money to buy all these! And more! About 27 x 10 pieces? Wah! I need twentysevenjobs! Get on a plane to NZ. Jump of the plane, bungee jump, go zorbing and do all the outdoorsy, extreme kinda sports NZ is known for. Maybe go on a tour of where they filmed Lord of the Rings. And then go shopping. Ha!

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