Thursday, July 15, 2010

KitchenAid Gourmet Distinctions S/S Cookware Set Now in Manila

When I hear KitchenAid, I immediately think of the stand mixer. Well, because that is what's in my wish list. I've been meaning to get one, but these days, I don't even have the time to bake, so fuhgedaboutit!

I also associate KitchenAid with quality, because my mother-in-law's stand mixer has been around for decades, it's probably older than Dear Hubby, and still works like a charm!

So when I found out that KitchenAid's Gourmet Distinctions cookware set is now available in Manila, I thought you'd like to know! As I am pretty sure this is more affordable than All Clad!

KitchenAid's Gourmet Distinctions Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set that has been getting excellent reviews and delighting culinary professionals in the US and can now be enjoyed by Pinoy and cooking enthusiasts alike.
Unlike other cookware that only has aluminum and stainless steel at its core, the KitchenAid Gourmet Distinctions set is distinguished by its double full cap base which has copper, the best heat conducting metal, sandwiched in between two layers of aluminum. The whole base is then esconced by 18/0 stainless steel to increase heat conduction. The result is a thick base that ensures even cooking, responds quickly to changes in temperature, and obliterates hot spots that can burn food. Now, you can brown, braise, and sauté your food perfectly.

Aside from its superior heat conduction, the Gourmet Distinctions’ design combines elements that make for an enjoyable and easy cooking experience. With the stainless steel exterior, you don’t have to worry about food sticking or non-stick coating chipping off. 

It has a unique tapered side wall that facilitates stirring and whisking while the larger space at the top speeds reduction for rich, flavorful sauces. Riveted stainless steel handles stay cool and give you a confident grip, while tempered glass lids let you monitor your dish while locking in flavors for tender and moist cooking.

With its exceptional heating performance, sleek and stylish silhouette, and elegant mirror polish, the KitchenAid Gourmet Distinctions Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set is bound to be a fixture in any passionate cook’s kitchen.

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