Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Put The Club in Monaco

That didn't make sense.

 @refinery29's twitpic teaser of Club Monaco's Fall collection. Yesterday, the sequins piqued my curiosity. It was love! But the today, the Lookbook! Head over heels!

But anyhoo! I just wanted to share some looks from Club Monaco's Fall 2010 collection. It's just killing me in a way I don't even understand. Well I do, but you know, I just like to sound mysterious sometimes.

Forgive me, I ate too much ice cream tonight. Here are a couple of looks that I love! Just sit back and enjoy the show!

The maxi skirt

That sequin dress (want the shorts version too!)

The camel coat, well, this whole look really

The pants and oxfords. The lace top is a nice and unexpected touch

Rolled up trousers and ballet flats, hello!

The plaid coat reminds me too much of Burberry (yes, they do have a powder blue version often seen in their outlet stores), but the oxfords and over the knee socks are adorbs

This whole thing going on is cute!

The loafers are turning me on

The coat! I have something similar from Marc by Marc Jacobs and I am just ecstatic that something I bought 3 years ago still looks current. I've been toying with the idea of eBaying my coat, so I can buy something more "now", but scratch that. It's a keeper!

I don't know, I think it's that touch of lace that's calling to me

I think this looks simple yet sublime

Love the total look! The boxy jacket, the feather skirt, grey over the knee socks, the loose haphazardly worn tee, layered bracelets and high top Chucks. Top to toe!

It's the clogs, baby!

It's not so much the total look sometimes, it's the key pieces that make some of the looks here, I think. Lovely no? You like? Welcome to the Club!


Anonymous said...


I know it didn't make sense but I'm laughing by my lonesome HAHAHAHAHA!!

DENG! Im loving this lookbook!!! Now where to get knee-highs in MNL..

Angela said...

bet ko ang majority ng looks na nakapost... :)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha, thanks Karrots! Benta pa din pala yung humor ko! I'll look for those socks here! When I buy for myself, I'll buy na din for you!

Hahaha! Hi Angela! Uhm 13/23, medyo lang! Hahahaha!

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