Friday, July 23, 2010

Snapshots: A Week in the Life of Tin & Berry

Here's what we've been doing these days:

Loaded up on ice cream...

Wore my Fallon cuff with my J.Crew crystal bracelet for days now, no rest for the wear-y

Tried the top bun trick using a pair of socks! Lame attempt! Hair still too short for it!

Chillin' with Jamba Juice at Whole Foods

This is too cute! I saw Berry pushing around her walker, and she hung a Bergdorf Goodman bag on the handle! Back story: Was at Bergdorfs with Berry and my friend Ing aka The Baghag the other day (so nice to see friends from Manila here! I love it when dear friends come over to visit! It just cheers me up! Thanks Ing! It was fun meeting Salome and Claudette too!), and the Bergdorfs SA saw Berry trying to carry Ingrid's humongous Barneys shopping bag. She approached us and gave Berry this mini Bergdorfs shopping bag! So sweet! Now I have to tell Dear Hubby I must buy something from her next time we come around! Heehee!

This is what Berry stuffed inside! Her favorite teether, Sophie the Giraffe!

Got my London brogues from Anthology Shoes! Thanks Karrots! This is crazy comfortable! I was expecting it would need breaking in, but nooooo! I can live in these. So soft and pliable. I can dance in these ala Janelle MonĂ¡e in Tightrope (which incidentally, is such a stylish music video!)

When Berry saw me trying on these shoes, she came up to me brandishing this pink pair! She wanted to try on shoes too! Told her to stand still so we can take this photo! Et voila!

I got my JFK tote from Rootote too! Sooo nice! Can't wait to use it! Thanks Joni! =)

What a fun week filled with cuteness and amusement huh?!


kaye i. said...

Gotta start 'em young, right? LOL. You guys are too cute for words.

Lloyda said...

aaaaaaaah!!! those brogues!!! i want a pair! i've been meaning to buy a pair but kept on spending my money on other things. hahaha.

Eubelle said...

for jamba juice lovers like's a buck off any smoothie :)

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW!! Love the last photo!! <3 <3

You're most welcome!! Enjoy the brogues! =) =) =)


Joni Andrea said...

Yey :) Enjoy the bag! It's so perfect for you! I love the Fallon cuff. Everything there is divine. :)

cd_mfo said...

Heehee thanks Kaye!

Lloyda! It's so comfy! Get one! Perfect mommy shoes!

Yay! Thanks Belle! =)

I'm enjoying it! Thanks so much Karrots! =)

Heehee, thanks Joni! Can't wait to use it! I'm waiting for the perfect occasion!

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