Friday, September 10, 2010

Leather Leather, Short Pants on Fire!

These leather shorts from Club Monaco are SICK! And by that, I mean HOT!

I mean seriously, when one thinks of shorts and leather, images of skanky hotpants come to mind. But this pairing here when done right crosses over to a luxe kind of feel. Leather shorts and refined style, never the twain shall meet? Fortunately, the answer is NO!

Berry and I saw them at Club Monaco and it just drew me into the store! Priced at about $185, it was a pretty good deal considering the leather was really buttery and soft. An heirloom piece in the making!

Don't you just love the vintage vibe? Club Monaco, good job! iWANT!

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The Certified Olympian said...

Hey Tin!

I love love love your blog =) Your daughter's soo cuuute =) Berry berry cute =)

Keep us posted with your fashion tips!

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