Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Love This Look

I think I will replicate this look, using existing pieces from my wardrobe. But I'll be leaning towards more of a navy palette. Because honestly, I have no desire to seek out red shorts right now.

I've been busy packing stuff lately, and I've realized that going through one's clothes is the best way to realize that you've got more than enough stuff, you wouldn't find one good reason to shop.

I'm sick and tired of seeing clothes, I feel like I've got pants and shirts coming out of my ears. Eeeew.

Oh, but for some reason, after taking inventory of all my shoes, how is it that I never have enough? I was like, "Oh! This is it? There's room to buy more!" Hahaha!

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kaye i. said...

Ahahahaha... I knew this post was too good to be true! the last paragraph says it all! You're too funny! xoxoxo

Tanya said...

You're right! There's always room for more shoes! :) This is me justifying my unending desire to shop for more shoes. :)

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