Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Lemon & Celine Day

Tuesday was a happy lemon day! Berry and I went to Tanglin Mall for her trial class at Gymboree. We tried out Play & Learn, which is totally different from her music class back in the US. I don't think she liked it as much, or maybe because it was just something different from what she was used to. We might just go for a Music Class next, we're doing a trial class with Kindermusik too.

Anyhoo, we just walked all the way from Tanglin Mall to ION Orchard, because I was craving for something cool to drink, and I was thinking, Happy Lemon!

I got the Tea Latte with Black Pearl Sago, in JUMBO!

Then we passed through Wisma Atria, and I saw a mirror inside Isetan. Uy! Pang-outfit shot:

shirt: +J Uniqlo, trousers: Topshop, flats: Lanvin

Incidentally, I got these pants on sale at Topshop the day before. I've always wanted those skinny J Brand Houlihan cargos, but they were too expensive for something so trendy. My friend Kat found $25 skinny cargos at Strawberry in Manhattan, but it just never occurred to me to check the place out when I was there. So, when I found these pants in my size on the sale rack, I was like, Wootwoo! But I was still not ready to buy. At the counter, the SA told me Citibank cardholders get an additional 10% off the sale price! Aha! A sign! Ok, sold!

By the way, here's Lucky Plaza. This is where all the Filipino groceries, remittance centers and cargo forwarders are. The place has a Greenhills Shopping Center kind of feel, prior to the renovation. Saw a lot of salons here too! Has anyone ever tried having their nails done here?

Oh, Berry and I went to Ngee Ann City of course, to check on my wish list items. My birthday is coming up, and a girl can dream right?

Oh weird, funny story. Today was really just a peek from the outside, looking at the totes longingly. But yesterday, oh my, Berry & I happened to pass by and like a helpless paper clip, I was drawn into the store by a magnetic field of force, called Classic Box Bag and Luggage Tote. I mean, just look at that wall over there, see if that won't make you want to go inside and burn a hole in your pocket, even if that pocket has been burnt many times over.

The mini luggage totes are priced at SGD 2250 to 2500, and the small one is SGD 3500 thereabouts. I've touched and felt the mini luggage tote up close at the Celine store inside Isetan at Shaw House two weeks ago, and my goodness, they are heavy, but gorgeous! You can actually tuck in the sides so that the bag is closed totally, but it just looks cooler when it's open.

I asked an SA if they had a black Classic Box Bag in medium (small is SGD 3800 and medium is SGD 5500 approx, they had the medium bags in caramel & red and a small black ion display. Ok, confession, I really want the caramel, but knowing that I was going to walk out of the store empty handed, and I didn't have the heart to disappoint my accommodating SA, I asked for the one not there, eeee! Am I the only one who does this?).

When she said it was sold out, but she could ask stores overseas for stocks and handed me a pen so I could jot down my details, I had an out of body experience and found myself writing down my name and number on their book, when I could have just said, "No thanks, I'm just looking!" Because hello, I had no business going inside the store in the first place. Most importantly, where am I supposed to get the money to pay for a box bag? I strongly recall promising myself I was only going to admire this bag and not buying it ever. But it felt like there was this spirit inside me doing the thinking and moving for me. Deep down in my psyche, we were having a conversation,  it was telling me, "You will get this bag, trust me! Plus, the luggage tote too! Really!" Talaga ha!

Well, libre mangarap, so with that thought, Berry and I went home. Here's Berry feeling grown up and pushing her stroller by herself. She enjoys doing this, she's the only toddler I've ever seen on Orchard Road doing this.

Oh by the way, Joni! I've been using this Rootote JFK tote bag as a diaper bag for months now! It's only now that I got a picture to show you! Super thanks for this! I love it! And it's become a reminder of the many adventures Berry and I had on the streets of NYC. Sigh...

And now, I leave you with a shot of my shoes (aka Happy Feet?). Till our next walking tour! Let's hope that one comes with happy shopping news!


grnteagirl said...

i love love love love your skinny cargos!! meron pa kaya here? i luurrrvvv it!

cd_mfo said...

HI Tina! Miss you! How's Max? Oh! Meron sa Topshop.com, but hindi sya sale! Eeeeee!


Joni Andrea said...

Happy Lemon!!!! So excited that it's finally coming here this November!

I'm glad you like the JFK bag! Check out our new collection. :)

Btw, I can relate on your Celine experience. I do that too para naman hindi nakakahiya that I'm not going to buy hahaha. Oh and I got my skinny cargo from H&M! :)

cd_mfo said...

Yay for Happy Lemon in Manila! Yes, I will def check that collection out! Got your email! =) And yay that I am not alone with my store tactics, hahaha!

kong-chu said...

haha! I can totally relate to this post Tin! Although I haven't tried Happy Lemon! How come I missed that?!?

rain71 said...

hi, are flat shoes comfortable? i see you wear a lot of flats in your pictures :), i would love to wear them too but the ones i have are not too comfortable

cd_mfo said...

Sara! I am glad you got to try it na! Hahaha!

Hi rain71! Yes, they are most comfortable! I live in flats =) I think it's a matter of finding a brand and style that best suits you. I've tried on other flats but they aren't comfortable. For me, I find that French Sole, Repetto and some Lanvins (just regular, not patent leather) are all winners!

The Sunset Goddess said...

I heard that the nail salons in Singapore are terrible :( let me know if you've tried them or if you've found a good one :) Thanks!

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