Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sperry Como

Sigh, I haven't been able to regale you with my Singapore finds because I don't have a camera. My point and shoot died before we left the US and then I remembered, "Oh! I can take pictures with a BlackBerry!" Duh. So after quite a hiatus, here's an outfit shot.

Shirt: +J Uniqlo, Shorts: Old Navy, Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Sperry Top-siders

Plus some of my Singapore finds:

The Palais - in fuchsia, patent black and mohawked/fur-trimmed at YSL ION Orchard:

Seeing spots at Prada ION Orchard:

Incidentally, I'm seeing a lot of spots lately. Every where from Kate Spade bags to Christian Louboutin flats and heels. Totally hot, just don't overload on the spots!

Oh, hot shoe of the season (from Valentino) according to The Sartorialist. The flat blush version of this was seen on Alexa Chung, as photographed by Ingrid. On Pedder in Ngee Ann City:

Hada Labo, a cult beauty product from Japan. Forget SK-II and La Mer. Well, I still use La Mer sunblock, but this is a winner! So cheap and available in Watson's lang. Will do a review soon.

Happy Lemon, kinda like Quickly:

If I had a better camera, I'd be super inspired. But. Oh wellz. Hey, what's the best point & shoot you've used so far? I want to hear your thoughts.


Caddy said...

I've been wanting to get a pair of boat shoes Sperry Topsider vs. Seabago vs. TOMS

Anonymous said...

There's a new one coming out from Fuji..
The Fuji X100.. it's one of those mirrorless cameras, specs are super and the vintage look is to die for!

then there's the Lumix LX3 or the Canon S95.

kaye i. said...

Helloooooo!!! Good to know you're doing okay there :)

I used Fujifilm as my point and shoot before, they take really good pictures but after 3 years, it started falling apart, maybe because I used it every single day. I am using a Canon T1i DSLR right now and it's not very convenient when you just want to take a simple but good quality picture. My next purchase will be a point and shoot and I'm leaning towards Canon's G10 or G11 - I've read a lot of reviews about it and I'm really impressed.

kong-chu said...

Try out Panasonic Lumix LX3/LX5! :) And when you want to get a new camera try Parisilk... One of the cheapest places to get point & shoot digital cameras. There's a shop in Holland V (not too far from Orchard).

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say-- I just discovered your blog and I'm having fun reading it. I actually went all the way back. Very refreshing to read someone from Manila who is so chic and stylish without having to be too trendy! More power and please continue to write.

grnteagirl said...

my point and shoot is really old, it's a canon powershot SD800 IS. it takes really really good pics and i love it to bits until hubby got me a dslr. i still use it when i don't feel like lugging around the big cam, and this works perfectly while running after a hyper toddler and still manage to take cute shots. how nice your new home in sing ha!

rochelle said...

buy your point and shoot there in singapore! there are really good deals most of the time. people seem to have been gushing about the lumix lx3/lx5 or the canon s90/s95. tell me what you end up getting ... looking for a nice one too since it's hard to lug around na my slr while taking care of the girls =S

kary said...

ive been wanting a point and shoot also. lately bringing an slr in not very convenient! take advantage there! singapore has great deals when it comes to gadgets i think! lets us know what will you purchase!

btw what do you currently use?

Lloyda said...

oooh my sister told me that happy lemon will be opening a branch here soon! can't wait!!!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Caddy! Yeah, tough choice. Toms are super comfy, but don't stand up to wet weather. That's when your boat shoes come in! Heehee!

Thanks for the tips Candy! =)

Hi Kaye! Great to hear from you! Yeah, Canon g10 and g11 are almost slr like in quality! But expensive! But I say, go for it!

Thanks kong-chu! Will check out Parisilk this week!

Wow, thanks so much Anon! When I saw your message in my inbox, you definitely made my day! I really hope you come over to check on the blog often =)

Hi Tina! Serviced apartment pa kami! Heehee! Oh yeah! I remember your Canon! I love your photos in your blog too! Ganda!

Yeah, it seems to be a toss up bet the lumix lx3/lx5 and the canon s90/s95 nga. Haha! I'll let you know what I end up with Rochelle! With your twins, I can imagine there's no room na for your slr cameras!

Hi Kary! Right now I'm just using my blackberry to take photos, heehee. I hear there are good deals on cameras here! Will definitely shop around, and let you know what I'll end up with! =)

Hi Lloyda! Ooohhh! Talaga?! That's so cool!

rosalyn lopez said...

cant wait to see u on the streets of singapore..there are so many shops that must be here na like uniqlo,h&m,cotton on..atleast forever 21 is here na..megamall sale on oct 15-17..woot woot..pls do a tour like what u'v done on your prev post tnx

cd_mfo said...

Hi Rosalyn! Yes, there's plenty of shops here I want to explore too! I'll definitely do that! Thanks! =)

Styles I Love said...

hey tin! you can try a canon s90 or lumix lx5. heard great things about those two models. good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

hello do you have any idea where they sell sperry topsiders here in the philippines?:D

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