Friday, October 01, 2010

Who Will Be googoo&gaga's Kooky Kid of the Year 2010?

As far as I know, Berry holds the crown, throne, scepter and title as The First Ever googoo&gaga Kooky Kid. Heehee!

Since 2009 is about to give way to 2010, then she will have to pass on the privilege of being googoo&gaga's Kooky Kid to this year's winner. To be eligible to join, all you have to do is take a photo of your little one wearing googoo&gaga and send it to Previously submitted photos are considered eligible.

Like Berry, the winner will win Php 5,000 worth of googoo & gaga items, plus a specially designed googoo & gaga shirt. How special is that?! Super special! 

For Berry's custom shirt, we told AJ & Audrey that Berry loved music, and with that, they came up with this:

It's just so Berry! We love it so much, we've actually asked Audrey if we can order shirts for Berry in various sizes, in this print of course, so she has one to wear as she grows.

I have to warn the parents though, if you're into winning as much as we were, be prepared to shamelessly bug family and friends for votes. Hahaha! We were so competitive, it was  almost stressful. But when we won, hey that was so much fun! It was a nerve-wracking, emotional, and fulfilling bonding experience that the whole family will tell Berry about for years to come.  Winner!

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