Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Leaping Leopards!

I've been seeing spots every where and here's a great way to keep up with the trend - Anthology Shoes's Cape Town!

It's made with leopard print pony hair upper, with cushioned instep and a genuine leather insole!

And because it has Anthology's rubber sole, you know it's going to be comfortable! Available na! Retails for Php 2,795. I swear, I'm tempted!

As if that wasn't enough, Anthology is also coming out with wedge booties! After 6 months of harassing production, Karrots finally got her wish! According to Karrots, "Once the wedge "slope" has been perfected, with the level of comfort we can stamp our brand on, then we can explore other styles like open toes! Strappy shoesies! Etc etc! Think Celine wedges ni Sea of Shoes!"

Sounds promising! And exciting!

Here's a peek of their first release: a wedge bootie in dove gray waterproof suede plus another color TBD. They are targeting for these to be available by mid-December!

Will let you know how much when I hear back from Karrots!

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Anonymous said...

TENCHUUUUU!!!! And Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!

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