Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rootote: New Collection + SALE!

Rootote's latest 2010 Collection is out now too! I love Rootote and use it as a diaper bag because it's lightweight and has lots of compartments. Check out my faves (it's a lot, practically most of the collection, I know, heehee):

A-Quarte top from left: Tropical, Rosa, Hearty (Php 1,500)

 Tall Beau (Php 980)

 Medium Seine (Php 1,850)

Grande Zoo (Php 2,450)

Farmers Arrow (Php 1,850)

Medium Pluie (Php 980)

Oh oh oh! And now's the time to stock up on Roototes! Clearance sale is going on too! Prices start at Php 450 only!

Some designs are sold out already, but there are still a lot of cute ones to get as gifts this Christmas! Check it out, HERE!

For more on Rootote, visit: http://roototephilippines.multiply.com/

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