Friday, December 10, 2010

plain + simple at Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar

Easy, that’s always how menswear was supposed to be. Back in the day, closets were stocked with nothing but the basics - think oxford shirts, tailored shorts, chinos, and not much else. Plain, simple, and devilishly handsome; they made for killer combinations every single time. Not much has changed since then, so today, we pay homage to the essentials that have made every man look good decade after decade. Same basic formula, same dashing results. plain + simple, just as menswear was always supposed to be.

So goes the premise of designing couple Bobby Sangalang and AC Irasusta's budding menswear line - fittingly called, plain + simple.

According to Bobby, "The idea behind the whole project is that we wanted to provide guys basic pieces that they can mix and match and look good in no matter what combo they put on."

That being said, check out some pieces as seen in their look book, taken by Your Evil Twin (who happens to take photos the old school way) on the streets of Cubao (I am actually feeling a Band of Outsiders vibe here...)

Their line consists of the classics, pieces like oxford shirts, checkered shirts, tailored shorts, and chinos. And as all stylish men know, the secret is always in the fit. And that my dears, is what plain + simple focused on - getting the right fit for each piece. So don't expect a vast array of colors and prints, it's all about the fit, ok?

If you have a brother, or significant other whom you've been forever trying to convince to get rid of their slouchy cargo shorts and holey t-shirts, just tell them, plainly and simply, "There's plain + simple to your rescue!"

Better yet, don't wait for these guys to step out of their sartorial stupor. Join me as I take the initiative of buying something for my dear brother who I feel needs to get his act together (he's MFO's bro, for cying out loud!). plain + simple will be at Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent starting today, December 10 tp December 12 from 12nn to 12mn on each day. 

For more on plain + simple, link to their official Facebook page here!


black suits said...

Your plain white shorts really fit your long sleeve. Nice fashion...nice tips from you. Thanks.

Johnny Manila said...

I would love to check these out. I agree -- it's all about the it. Nothing needs to be extremely fancy.

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