Friday, February 18, 2011

OCs Anonymous

Kris of OC Mom in Manila is a self-confessed OC who happens to also have OC friends (birds of the same know!). She had this fun idea of asking us to share our OC habits and I admit, I can get really OC when it comes to buying wipes and sanitizers for Berry's "kikay kit".

I guess you can call her series, OCs Anonymous! It's all about the little quirks that makes moms like us weird, but special in our own ways, hahaha! Take for instance:

I can eat something that falls on the floor, but won't let germs touch Berry.

How many of us still think of our bags as blackholes? Internationally published FIlipina author Samantha Sotto doesn't have the same problem, because hers is super organized!

Mommyology has brought the meaning of reusable bags to a whole new level. She's brought it down to a science.

Pat of 101 Grams of Eye Candy has a traveling craft caddy that goes with her wherever she goes in the house! So amusing, and we have to admit, it is so brilliant!

These organizing tips go from bordering on crazy to hilariously practical, you'd wish you thought of it yourself. These are the sort of posts that will titillate all you neat freaks, I promise.

Incidentally, Kris is the distributor of Aquasana water filters, which are practically must have beauty gadgets! I've been using our shower filter for less than 2 months now and I swear, by the first week pa lang, my pores have shrunk. Now, I actually think my skin is glowing, my cheeks have become naturally rosy and my hair falls into place so much better. Not a bad side effect on top of the health benefits diba? I  am normally the number one suspichosa of all these newfangled gadgets and gizmos  tso you can trust my claims on this one, walang bola. I will share a post on this soon!


Anonymous said...

OCs Anonymous! It is so appropriate especially since everyone I've featured does not want to admit they're OC (well, except you and maybe because you're very self-aware AND you really are SO OC! - haha!) =)

Thanks for loving Aquasana. I swear, and it's not because I distribute it, I CANNOT live without it.

Samantha Sotto said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) And for the record, I swear by Aquasana Filters. Now I can shower without worrying about accidentally swallowing the water. :)

p.s. I ADORE your diaper bag and tan oxfords! *drools*

Sassy Hairsies said...

Hi Tin!
The envirosax is so great! I never thought I'd use it as a nappy bag - until our recent trip to HK (my first out of the country with my daughter). I brought a backpack with us thinking it would be easier than having a tote type - but carrying it around all day and the baby was very very heavy and tiring. I brought along with me some envirosax to be used for shopping, but as it turned out, they're great as nappy bags and i didn't have time and energy to go shopping. Haha!

I love your Berry posts. =)

More power.


cd_mfo said...

Kris! I was just looking at old pics, iba talaga yung pores ko before Aquasana! Heehee!

Haha! Thanks Sam! Yeah! I don't worry na when Berry opens her mouth in the shower, whew!

Hi Tin! Super lightweight no? It's the best I swear! I learned that from walking the streets of NY heehee. I thought why burden myself with a big bag diba? Glad you discovered it too! And thanks! I will post more Berry posts! =)

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