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Inspector Gadgets: Clarisonic + Aquasana Shower Filter

If you are obsessive about skin care and you never fail to inspect your face in the mirror for signs of zits or blackheads for at least a minute each day, then these gadgets are just the sort of stuff you'd want! I call them beauty gadgets, and best of all, they won't dig into your beauty budget.

Clarisonic® Classic

I have been using this for two years now and while the initial investment of $156 dollars wasn't easy on the pocket (it's originally $195, but I got a 20% coupon so I jumped at the chance to buy at a discount), the rewards have been long lasting. I figured, I used to spend Php 795/month on facials back when I was in Manila and with the anomalous amounts charged by Manhattan facialists, I was better off doing it DIY style. By buying a Clarisonic® brush, it was just like paying upfront for years of servicing.

I change the brush head every 4 months, and I stock up on brushes whenever has a coupon code sale going on. When I run out, it's a comfort to know Sephora Singapore stocks  these brushes too. I have really seen and felt the difference of using Clarisonic®. My skin is smoother and softer after each use. Unlike the usual facial brushes, Clarisonic® "uses patented sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria ~ without abrasion or harsh chemicals."

Sometimes I use the Clarisonic® cleanser for Normal skin, but I prefer using Hada Labo's facial cleanser. It  just feels cleaner. I always look forward to days when I give myself a full on treat, the way my derma does. I cleanse with Cetaphil, apply a mask, rinse, and brush my face with Clarisonic after. Then I tone with La Mer The Tonic and moisturize with Hada Labo. Always such a good feeling after, without the pricking. Cheaper than a professional facial too! Which doubles the good feeling, haha.

Aquasana Shower Filter

I got this from Kris de Guzman of OC Mom in Manila, who happens to be the distributor of Aquasana in the Philippines. According to Kris, the Aquasana Pure Shower System (Php3,850) is a "compact, high-capacity filter that removes chlorine and other chemicals for a healthier, more enjoyable shower experience". To be honest, it was really the beauty benefits (more than the health benefits, heehee) of using a shower filter that got to me at first. She said she had finer pores and clearer skin after using this. So I was like, Yay! I want!

When I received the package, I didn't wait for Dear Hubby to install this for me. It's so easy to attach to your shower, I actually installed our shower filter myself. It's a no brainer.

In less than a week, I really saw the difference in my pores. They became smaller and my cheeks had this rosy tinge. To be honest, I was kind of shocked when I noticed that my cheeks were turning pink and attributed it to the early onset of rosacea, but then I thought there were no bumps or veins and my skin looked generally healthy and my pores have never appeared so small since I was in my teens. Then I remembered it only came about after I started using Aquasana. It's the pink glow of healthy skin, I believe, heehee. And plus, can I just say I don't freak out anymore when Berry opens her mouth in the shower and starts swishing around shower water in her mouth.  There are times we brush in the shower even, just so I can brush and gargle with filtered water, heehee.

Oh, and did I mention, I had less falling hair after showering with Aquasana? I used to leave a trail of falling hair on our white floor and it was so shocking. It's a Singapore thing actually. All my friends in Singapore complain that the water here causes falling hair. I would have to agree. Told them about showering with a filter and when they started using Aquasana, tadaa! Less falling hair na!

I don't really fall for supposed wonder products, but trust me on these two. For somebody who hasn't gone to a derma for 4 years now, I am quite pleased with how my skin has been faring as a result of using these beauty gadgets.


May-ann said...

You totally read my mind. Been obsessing about the clarisonic quite a while and am thinking of getting the Mia. Or is the classic better? Oh and where did you get your coupon?

Mitzi said...

Nice post!
My sister swears by her Clarisonic classic too that she's buying the clarisonic Mia for me. Yay!
I've been reading good reviews about Aquasana filter. I have to check it out!

kat said...

I love my Clarisonic!... But it's so hard to convince other people to buy & use it because of the price. & others would think it's just a brush. You really have to use it for at least a week to see the big difference Clarisonic makes... Now i can't live without it!

Aquasana is now on my To Buy list :)

I love your blog!

Dani said...

What mask do you uses?

prettywicked said...

Is it available here in MNL? I have hyper-sensitive skin and I'm always on the lookout for such things. The Aquasana I won here has greatly improved my skin and I'd love to add to my skincare arsenal.

Mrs. Chai Tea said...

i love my clarisonic too! thanks to you i made an impulse buy and ordered the aquasana filter on amazon. ll

Anonymous said...

Hi! At what age did you start using La Mer products? What sort of night cream would you recommend to a 23 year old? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I seriously love my clarisonic mia! I think the main diff is the timer function. In the Mia, it only has a 1 minute timer, but I like the size better. It uses the same brush refills though!

Even after double cleansing (cleansing oil + foam wash), clarisonic will remove everything that is left! Love it!

Lisa said...

I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

cd_mfo said...

Hi May-ann! I got mine from and used ebates rebate pa! Just google clarisonic coupon code and you'll see some pop up! =)

You'll love it, Mitzi! Get the Aquasana too!

Yeah Kat, hard to convince but they'll have to see it as an investment for their skin, heehee. Get the Aquasana na!

Hi Dani, try Origins Charcoal Mask! I also want to try SK-II's mask, I've heard good reviews on that.

Great to know Aquasana works for you prettywicked! I got my Clarisonic in the US, but it's also available in Singapore.

Good buy chaitealatte! You'll wonder how you lived without a shower filter before!

I used it when I was about 30. I wish I used it sooner! I really think there's no such thing as too early to invest in skincare =)

Thanks to you Lorr, I discovered Clarisonic! I bought before the MIA was released though, sayang! Oh well, I got it at a good price naman! Hehehe!

Unknown said...

yes I got the Aquasana and it was delivered today! Yay!

A Loopy Life said...

Hmmm...I may just have to try the Mia! I didn't want to splurge so I bought the Olay version -- which actually works okay on my skin, but now I want to know if the Clarisonic will be better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tin!! I honestly missed my Aquasana shower filter while we were in Japan for the last few days. I was so itchy with the cold weather and I guess with the change in weather comes changes in water components too. But when I got back last night, I felt so happy to be bathing in filtered water again. Haha, ok, do I sound like too much of a salesman?? I love my product too much!

Thanks to the guys who bought Aquasana!! Mitzi, hi! I saw your order =)

For those who bought Aquasana in the U.S., we can still service you locally, just contact us via

I want this Clarisonic!! I will order one soon!

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