Saturday, March 05, 2011

Singapore Eats: Jones the Grocer

Susan, a reader, asked me about good places to eat in Singapore. I've told y'all about Artichoke, for this week, let's go to Jones the Grocer:

My friend Naomi brought Berry & I to Dempsey Hill sometime back, so we could eat at Jones the Grocer - an Australian food emporium that has a presence here in Singapore as well as in the United Arab Emirates. They are known as a market leader in gourmet foods, and is sort of like Santi's in the Philippines, just a lot bigger.

She had good things to say about the place, and being a serial bruncher, I trusted her taste. Upon steppping in, I immediately liked the bright, open feel of the cafe/grocery. Seating is communal as most tables can fit up to ten people. But that should be a plus for big groups. The ambiance is casual. Overall, it's a nice place to take a leisurely meal with friends. The expat community seems to like this place.

The food is tasty and fresh, now if only I can remember what we ordered, heehee:

The brownie we shared was delightfully moist and tempting! Naomi and I both dug in before I could remember to take a photo, hahaha:

Being a grocer after all, an upscale grocer at that, Jones also sells wines and flat breads:

A wide selection of olives:

Freshly baked bread:

Smoked and cured meat:

Plus a variety of gourmet delicacies - from sauces, olive oils, truffle salts, coffee beans, tea blends to handmade pasta, snacks and dips:
There is also a walk-in cheese room, basically a temperature controlled room dedicated solely to stocking cheese:

Plus a selection of cookbooks, which are ideal gifts to pack with the gourmet treats, for the consummate foodie:

Across the parking lot, I saw this wall that had portions covered up with planks from old wine crates. It actually doesn't look bad no? Imagine if wine importers in the Philippines can just donate the wood from old wine carts to shanty owners? That wouldn't look too shabby.

Jones the Grocer
Dempsey Hill
Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road
Singapore, 247697
Tel: +65 6476 1512
Fax: +65 6476 1518
Monday - Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm

Mandarin Gallery
333a Orchard Road
Level 4 #21-23 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore, 238897
Tel: +65 6836 6372
Monday - Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm


Samantha Sotto said...

Shucks! Why did I miss this place when we were there last week???

cd_mfo said...

You can always come back, Sam! Heehee!

amischmashedlife said...

I miss jones the grocer! I miss PS Cafe! I miss brunching in SG! I miss SG! (I never thought I'd actually say that.)

cd_mfo said...

Awwww, come for a quick visit Mikka! And I will try PS Cafe, I haven't been there yet!

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