Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bright Bags!

Fluo satchels are hot, hot, hot! Kate Spade has been making news about their SS 2011 bag - the Essex Scout some weeks back, and now these are in stores!

The regular size retails for USD $395, while the small one is $295. I didn't really bother checking the price here in Singapore because I know it's more expensive. Besides, The Cambridge Satchel Co. is coming out with fluorescent satchels (as seen on the March 2011 issue of Elle UK) and we all know how much more affordable Cambridge Satchels are right?

To order your fluo Cambridge Satchel, email We'll be waiting for your orders! ;)


Dani said...

Will you shIp to Singapore?

cd_mfo said...

We could! But it might be the same price as ordering it from the UK? Do you have relatives in Manila who can pick up the bag for you?

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