Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zortov Obzezzed!

I am sort of obsessed with these looks from Zara! Looks so simple, fresh and clean, crisp yet relaxed! Whether the looks are colorful or neutral, I think casual polished is the right term for this. I can't decide which is better, I would go for all! Haha!

My style these days is more like TRF though, rumpled and a bit disheveled. Hey, try running after a toddler the whole day! To compensate, I think I want those bright colored pants, or maybe bright colored flats. Just to add some energy to my outfit. I'm always in greys, blacks, army green, blues and plaids. In short, my uniform, but more 80s Bagets kind of colorful.


Caddy said...

I love these. I love the clean lines and pops of color in jewel tones. It reminds me of Gucci S/S 2011 and Celine too.

janie said...

Hi Christine,

I want "casual polished" too! :)
I always read your blog and follow you on twitter too!

My hubby says you're "BI" daw (he's kidding of course) coz whatever you recommend -> hada labo, clarisonic, satchels, brogues, berry stuff; i end up getting too :p
We also want to try out your sg eats recos. It's a shame we haven't been to those places yet despite having lived here for the past 3 yrs!

Looking forward to your features!

cd_mfo said...

Oh yes Caddy! I agree! I can definitely see Celine and Gucci in these looks =)

Hahaha! Wah "BI"! Oh no, I've heard that so many times already! OMG! I am so sorry! LOL! Seriously, thanks for believing in my recommendations Janie! I have more SG Eats posts to watch out for too! Hope to bump into you here in Singapore =)

Cai Sio said...

I love the looks! :) I want to update my wardrobe and this is what exactly I want! :D Must visit Zara! :D

cd_mfo said...

Go Apples! Zara is really tempting me these days! =)

incarnadine29 said...

I love the looks too! I am especially drawn to the white top in the first photo -- I just have this insatiable thing for crisp white tops with hidden buttons :D

I can totally relate because I am also a mom to a VERY energetic 1 year-old boy. Since I have very limited time to prep myself for work or going out, I tend to go for looks that are easy to assemble yet classic with a punch.

Oh and I love your blog! :)

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