Friday, March 04, 2011

Who Wants to be an Anthologist?

If it means wearing stylish, sensible shoes like these tan Londons from Anthology, count me in! These are so gorgeous in real life, you have no idea! And once you slip onto these, wow, the leather is just buttery soft! Karrots says they really mix butter into the leather, LOL!

See, I knew I was missing something. I have this in patent as well, so these two round up my oxfords collection to five pairs. Just when I thought my obsession with oxfords had pretty much plateaued! Ivan, how about a two tone version in white and camel? Hehehe.

Speaking of camel, and I mean the animal, can I just share that their animal print flats are so cute in real life? And they look so comfy too. I can forget about Lanvin flats and just stick to these, since they pretty much got the shape just the way I like it:

Cape Town


Incidentally, Anthology has a warehouse sale going on right about now. Prices are  at 30% to 50% off. The Bea sandals are now just about Php947.50 and their neon classics are down to Php 847.50,  really tempting.

And O.M.G. I got a sneak peek of their new styles coming out. I dunno if I can spill yet, but goodness, they are really, really cute. And judging by their record, comfortable too! I cannot wait to get my hands on even just one. I promise to let you in on the new designs once I get the green light.

Honestly, I find it amazingly inspiring that these shoes are made in the Philippines. The quality is really superb, and their shoes do not look or feel local at all (local = kind of crude, if you know what I mean).  Anthology is proof that with passion, dedication, a willingness to invest in quality materials, and a desire to improve local craftsmanship, Filipinos can really elevate shoe making to an artisanal Italian level.

I used to joke with my friends that it's unfortunate how I can only wear expensive shoes because my feet are so sensitive. But the joke is on me. I can walk the whole afternoon in my Londons, and without socks too ha! Really, Anthology is a homegrown brand that we should be supporting with our whole (proudly Filipino) hearts.


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

really nice oxfords!:)

Cai Sio said...

I want those Tan Londons! Now I know what to ask hubby as my birthday gift! :)

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous! Just my aesthetic. I want to get this pair for my sister (Berry), but we wear 5.5-6. Does this pair run true to size? Anthology doesn't make half-sizes anymore, they said.

Anonymous said...

*Falls off chair* BONK!

Thank you for this MFO!!!! Straight from the heart? Im touched. I need a hug! Berry hug me!!

Yes we do love to make shoes, great shoes, and we never stop challenging ourselves to do better.


Anonymous said...

pretty! I have sensitive feet too, so I usually go for expensive brands just for the comfort. But lately, other Filipino shoe brands are also sprouting all around, and their oxfords are super comfy too. Pinoy pride! hehe.

Anonymous said...

yes please, how can we get those gorgeous flats and brogues here in the US?

~ S from DC

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Ava!

Yay! Good choice for a birthday present Apples!

Glad you're finally getting those tan Londons for Berry, Vanessa!

Awww! Here's a virtual hug from Berry, Karrots! HUG!

Yay for proudly Philippine made shoes Chryz!

They ship abroad S! =)

Anonymous said...

I found out about Anthology ballet flats through your blog and I purchased a pair. How do you keep the flats from stinking up after frequent uses?? This is such a huge (and gross) problem for me with every pair of ballet flats I own. My feet don't stink, but it's only when I wear ballet flats. I don't want to wear invisible socks because it's never really that invisible.

cd_mfo said...

How about airing out your shoes after each use? You can put dessicants or charcoal inside the shoe to take out the moisture before you use it again. Try putting some foot powder inside too!

Anonymous said...

hi, i checked the website on the warehouse sale but it doesn't give an info on where the sale is. sorry, but does that mean the shoes on sale will be available in all their stores? thanks!

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