Wednesday, May 18, 2011

H&M Singapore A/W 2011 Preview

Yes, you read that right. H&M in Singapore is about to open soon, hence the preview of the A/W 2011 Collection. If you live in Singapore, or if you are planning  a trip here, calendar this: September 2011.

The H&M Singapore showroom opened to the press today, and I was able to get a sneak peek. I will be writing about the A/W Collection and the much anticipated store opening for The Radar. Of course, I'll be saving all the interesting details plus lookbook photos for the paper, so watch out for that in The Philippine Star! =)

I know, I know, you'd want to know where H&M Singapore will be right? The answer is: Orchard Building, at the intersection of Orchard & Grange Roads. The 2800 sqm store will take up 3 floors - 2 for the ladies, and 1 for the men & kids.

In the meantime, here's a taste and feel of what's to come!

According to Ian, H&M Showroom Manager, the women's collection revolves around 5 trends: Carnaby, New England, Simplicity, Heiress & Shadow Land. The general color palette is browns, camel, pumpkin, burgundies and cream. Lots of inspiration from the 70s - long & loose silhouettes, wide trousers & vintage inspired pieces interpreted in autumn fabrics like tweed, flannel, leather, suede with touches of lace, silk & brocade. Oh, and did I mention the prints are amazing?

H&M Divided meanwhile continues to play with brights & color blocking:

H&M Singapore will be a full concept store, so apart from clothing, there will be shoes & accessories as well:

The guys have it going too! I actually found a lot of pieces from the men's collection that I want for myself. T-shirts with skull graphics, a tailored jacket with a long tail (as worn by Ian), a leather pocket tee in soft grey, plus collegiate cool pieces like trousers with braces, gingham shirts, varsity jackets, shirts with elbow patches, and this two tone wool blazer:

I could not resist pretend shopping. Here are my picks:

Thanks so much to the wonderful team at H&M! It was a pleasure meeting Lisa, Ian of course, and Karina & Cheryl.

Ian of H&M holding up a fringe skirt from the A/W 2011 Collection

Karina & Cheryl wearing pieces from H&M's A/W 2011 Collection

Suffice it to say, I can't wait for the actual store opening! Seeing what's to come just reminded me of how much I enjoy shopping at H&M. Yes folks, it is really true. H&M will finally be here in Singapore!


amischmashedlife said...

Waaaah! For 3 years I patiently waited for you, H&M to come to Singapore. And now that I'm gone, you decided to show up. Boo! Hahaha! This is great Tin!! :)

laughing.gams said...

wwahhh... must plan trip to SG on Sept! *fingers crossed thanks for the info MFO ☺

Unknown said...

knew this via your blog again!!! hihi. thanks!!! YAY for this!!

cd_mfo said...

Awwww, Mikka! Let us just patiently wait for H&M to come to Manila! Then again, you can always fly to HK or here! =)

@laughing.gams: Yes! Must! You're welcome =)

Heehee, you're welcome Nina!

Arlene M said...

Hey, Tin, do keep your readers and friends updated on the price points. Now all we need to figure out is whether to head to HK or SG for H&M =)

cd_mfo said...

Arlene! I was told SG will be slightly pricier than HK because of taxes =)

MJ said...

Hi Tin! We have a trip to SG this September and this is making me so happy! Now, would you know the exact date of the opening?

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