Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Want Clemence Poesy Hair

Hmmm, these days I am regretting that I cut my hair short. It doesn't help that Dada teases me that I look like a boy sometimes. Well, I can't help it that I love guys clothes and I am totally into the tomboy trend. But yeah, I guess longer hair would make my look less boyish.

So there, whenever I see girls on TV or on the street with long tousled hair (you know like Clemence Poesy's, straight from the roots but tumbling to more body and waves from the ears or chin down), I get wistful thinking about my hair before I cut it. I wish I just trimmed it. But then again, with the heat these days, maybe it was a good decision.

But. I observed that if a girl has glam hair, even if she wears regular clothes, she still looks glam. You know, like this:

Clemence on the set of Gossip Girl. Hmmm, I like her saddle bag too...

Thing is, I feel like this hairstyle is so hard to achieve. I have thin straight hair. And I have no plans of putting on extensions just to create body. I also do not want Kardashian curls (or shall I say kurls) because theirs look so unnatural and "manufactured". I can just imagine the amount of chemicals and heat used to achieve that look. I want hair, as usual, the French way = natural, a bit messy with some strands out of place, but still sexy hair.

Anyhoo, while waiting for my hair to grow, I decided to research on how I could get those soft, natural looking waves. It was back to the drawing board - hair straightening implements once more! No curling irons, because I want a jumble of soft curls and not tightly wound 18th century curls ok?

I bought a travel sized hair straightener from Phillips at Target before, but since that's itty bitty, I won't get the big waves. So here I am again, at a crossroads. CHI or ghd? Well, I still have maybe 4 months to get my hair to reach the desired length. In the meantime, I have pretty much decided I am getting one online. The question is which? 

I can't seem to find an official CHI tools site. There's one that has hair straighteners on sale from 40% to 70% off but it seems dodgy. From $200+ to $70, for realz? Anybody bought anything here before? Now, to find cheap ghd straighteners is probably a long shot. The cheapest one is £ 99. But this is the official website and undoubtedly legit. Big discrepancies in price and online sites, so the question is, where to go? Cheap but dodgy (too good to be true?) or expensive but legit (sureball!)? We're talking 100% difference in price, between two brands that are supposedly the best.

I know. I am over analyzing this. But hello, this is hair we are talking about here! Aaargh! Clemence, this is your fault! I want your hair!

(Photos from Studio325, Zimbio.com, Big Picture, and InternetCelebrity.org)


Caddy said...

I love the look of tousled hair and have found that my hair comes closest to achieving this look when I get out of bed in the morning and refrain from combing it straight. I agree with what you said about how good hair can elevate a simple outfit or look. I find that it does in my case.

Best of luck in finding the right products for your hair, i haven't used ghd or CHI so I can't say. But at least you've got roughly 4 months to figure it out maybe by then there'll be sale or something and you won't have to spend as much. :D

kaye i. said...

I love love love tousled hair.. aka porn hair or (like what you said)... Brigitte Bardot hair :D

I own a Chi... I know you've been trying to decide which one to get, for like, a year now? All I can say is, I love my Chi and it really does give me that loose curls na hindi pilit. What I usually do though is curl it the night before I go out para hindi masyado "kulot salot" ang dating. LOL.

But... when I had my super long layered hair, all I did was tie it in 2 buns ala Princess Leia while its damp and then brush it with my fingers the next day. No Chi needed and no stupid and expensive hair products to apply that were supposed to protect my hair... but really weren't healthy either.

cd_mfo said...

Thank you Caddy! Yes, bedhead hair is so French Voguette! Love it! =) I hope I do find a good hair straightener on sale!

Where did you buy your CHI Kaye? I know, I have been delaying the inevitable, I will have to buy one soon! But crossing my fingers I find the right one at the right price, hehehe!

shirin0809 said...

Hi again!

My kuwento about hair en deshabille that I wanna share. I've always had wavy/big curls kind of hair. But I've been cutting it with those straight, edgy bob types para I look neat and polished.

When it grew out and the waves came out again, I brought it to Hairworks. And Ms Jas told me, "Don't you want me to bring out your curls? It's the kind of curls people like to pay for." So she snipped and layered with much gusto. She taught me to just let it dry naturally, get a fistful of hair and crumple the ends, instead of combing. It is such a time-saver. No more blow-drying. Grabe.

So while it still pales in comparison to Clemence's hair, I am now fully embracing my new-but-not-really-new curls. I hope to grow it out too because Jas envisions more curls daw. Haha.

Go ka na rin! I'm excited where this new style mission will take you. =)

Take care now!

cd_mfo said...

You're so aliw Shirin! And so lucky to have naturally wavy hair! Jasmine used to cut my hair too when I was in Manila. It's been years since I've been to Hairworks. I should go there when I am in town para I can consult on how I can get naturally tousled hair heehee!

kaye i. said...

Bf's Mom gave me one for Christmas, 2 years ago.

I've seen a few in Amazon.com.... mas mura than buying it at a salon here.

Anonymous said...

I use a curling wand and make soft, wavy, not too tight curls, making sure to use heat protection and coconut oil (do this very quickly and dont worry about anything looking perfect). Then I sleep on the curls, the next day just very gently go through it with a wide tooth comb to get out any knots, and then I flip my head over and shake it around and flip back. It has body and sexy effortless tendrils of curl. Clemence is gorgeous as fuck.

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