Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty Dresses for the Meantime

Yes, I may dress like a guy, but! I am a sucker for pretty dresses. So, my short term solution while waiting for my hair to grow is to wear more dresses. Heehee. 

But before I show you some of my new dress-up ideas, here's a funny story. While looking for  inspiration at my most favorite site for pretty dresses - Lover the Label, I stumbled upon, get this - Love Label. It was in a British site called K&Co. (not to be mistaken with K&Company from Manila). While Lover the Label is from Oz, Love Label is stocked in British sites. I would assume it's a British label. How funny is that! Is it so hard to think of labels and store names for clothing these days? In fairness though, the dresses look nice. And the price? Way cheaper (as in 75% less than Lover):
Here is proof that it is good to keep one's mind open, in spite of the misleading name. I like Love, but of course, my heart belongs to Lover. To learn more about K&Co UK and Love Label, go here, you might find a few pieces you'd like too.

In the meantime, watch out for my picks from Lover the Label's S/S 2011 Collection. Be ready to fall in love!

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