Thursday, May 05, 2011

Los Angeles 2011 Day 2: The Grove at Farmer's Market

Actually, before heading to The Grove, Berry did a bit of shopping. Tita Trina and Uncle Jun got her a pair of Tiny Toms! So cute, brown with pink hearts all over! A Neiman Marcus exclusive too! =)

Here's Berry posing with her shopping bag...

Berry and Tia, the babies in Beverly Hills!

By the time we were done drooling over shoes at Lanvin and Prada, we hied off to Farmers Market for a snack. Here's what Belle got, OMG. The biggest sweetest strawberries inside that crepe! Yummy!
Farmers Market  at the corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue is a tourist and a food lover's destination, filled with food stalls and epicurean delights!

Across Farmers Market is The Grove, which you can access by simply walking across the street, or by trolley, such as this one:
And Liza, the celebrity spotter,  had a feeling it was worth squeezing into this crowd...

Turns out, she spotted Jason Biggs of American Pie! LOL! She got my camera, because she said, you have to have a picture of him! Hahaha! Ok! Game!

After our celebrity sighting, we went to Crate & Barrel, and then Anthropologie! Oh, how I've missed Anthropologie. I can browse for hours inside their stores. So well-edited. Whenever I need to find gifts for friends, I just head off to Anthropologie because I know I will find something nice there.

Had to go to American Girl Place too, so that we could finally get the doll Grandma promised Berry!

Oh, and I didn't realize toddlers can communicate so well with each other! Check out Berry and Tia in action (thanks Tita Trina for capturing this on camera, so precious!): 

Berry: I am trying to get my doll to sit on her stroller...
Tia: Yes, I can see that.

 Berry: On second thought, I would rather sit on my stroller. Can you hold her please?

 Tia: Sure!

Berry: Noo ni noo, let me strap my self...
Tia: Don't worry, Mommy Berry will get you soon. Hmm, you have such nice hair little dolly...

 Berry: Okie dokie! I am all set!
Tia: Here's your dolly!

 Berry: Thank you, Tia!
Tia: It was my pleasure, Berry!

 Thanks again Trina, Jun, Liza, Belle and Tia for such a fun afternoon at The Grove!

Tomorrow, we go to Melrose Avenue and the Rodarte Exhibit at MOCA, babies!


Anonymous said...

super like!!! :) -dianne

grnteagirl said...

little fashionistas! i love their outfits! mas fun talaga to dress up little girls than boys! i especially love berry's tights with hearts and her friends tutu skirt.

Stephanie said...

Awww the kids are so cute!!! Hi Tin!

Eubelle said...

♥ it! you must come back!

Mariel said...

Ang ku-cute, the little fashionistas with their shopping bags!

Ang gwapo din ni Jason Biggs!

The Sunset Goddess said...

How cute! :) This is such a nice post :) I love the dialogue between the girls!

kong-chu said...

Showed Berry's pic to Peyton, she says, "Hi Berry!"

Anonymous said...

Precious!! :)

Sassy Hairsies said...

Berry is the cutest, sweetest, happiest and most fashionable baby in the world! =) I can't not smile after looking at Berry's photos. =)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Dianne!

Tina! Stylish si Max! I love his outfits! Hehehe!

Thanks Stephanie! =)

Must come back! We have to go to the vintage stores and sample sales Belle!

Heehee, thanks Mariel! Mga mana sa nanay! Jason Biggs doesn't look comedic in person nga! Hahaha!

Thank you Sunset Goddess! =)

Hi to Peyton from Berry!

Isn't it? So happy my sister got to capture it for posterity =)

Awwww, thanks so much Tin! Your little girl is adorable too!

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