Thursday, May 05, 2011

MFO Shoe Series: Laureen Uy, Manila

Laureen Uy is not your run of the mill style blogger. More than just fabulous outfits and statement shoes, she's got a head for business and brand building. A young twentysomething, she has accomplished much, finding her own niche, while others her age still don't know what they want out of life. She co-owns a label called Stylebreak, she writes the very popular style blog "Break My Style", and she's really made a name for herself, along with her siblings Vince and Liz, who are both famous in their own right.

When I was in college, and fresh out of it, I was really just figuring out what I really wanted to do. I wanted to go into fashion and write about it, but never really pursued it. Until I finally found the courage, in my late 20s to do what I really really wanted. So basically, I find myself awed and amazed by Laureen because she is so young, and she's really got it going. Plus yes, she does have an amazing collection of shoes. So, I've asked her to be part of this series. Enjoy!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I would be lying if I told you I know. But the last time I gave shoes away, I gave 50+ pairs to charity.

What's your shoe size?

Which pairs are your favorites? Top 5.
My Alexander Wang Military booties, Andre Chang platforms, Steve Madden black wedges, Jil Sander booties and Dolce and Gabbana stilettos (even though they're so painful)

Alexander Wang Military booties

Andre Chang platforms

Steve Madden wedges

Jil Sander booties

Dolce and Gabbana stilettos - pretty but painful!

If you could only wear one pair of shoes, which one would it be?
Black YSL tributes. Such a classic.

What are your favorite shoe brands?
Alexander Wang, YSL, Jeffrey Campbell, Balenciaga, Nicolas Kirkwood and many many many more.

Laureen's Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Woods in Leopard

Many more being? Yes, she wears H&M too! Booties from H&M

What's in your shoe lust list?
Balenciaga and Nicolas Kirkwood shoes.

Where do you buy shoes?
Lane Crawford, Joyce, etc

What's that one shoe you can't bear to give away or throw out?
My Christian Louboutins red heels. Even if I dont wear them all the time (because they hurt), it's still a classic and I can't ever give them away.

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Smolder Me said...

im a fan of laureen too! i soo envy her shoe collection! :)xoxo Cheryl

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