Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Blog Giveaway: MFO x Campus Belle de Jour

MFO & Campus Belle de Jour are raffling off 5 Back to School Planners this week! To join, here's how:

1) Add me on Twitter @cd_mfo
2) Leave a comment and share: What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?
3) Don't forget to leave your Twitter ID & email address as well!

That's it, so simple! We'll accept entries until June 14, 2011. We'll announce the winners by June 15.

About Campus Belle de Jour:

Campus BDJ will help you stay organized with school. It has tracking tools to help young BDJ Girls keep tabs on this school year’s goals, schedule, grades and expenses, a nifty project planner, and monthly spaces for the many lists we girls love to make.

...and it’s still the same power planner packed with coupons!

Each month starts with practical tips and hints to help young BDJ Girls be the best bellas they can be and to enjoy the best of everything school life has to offer. With these pages come a mini-section of mini-workshops, to help preserve and cherish life’s precious memories, and at the same time help discover something new about oneself. From crushes to friendship woes, to brainstorming on and listing the best Christmas gifts for family and friends, to tapping one's inner artistic (or altruistic) self, to figuring out which career path to take…Campus BDJ has this and more!

Campus BDJ is now available for P488 at all major bookstores!


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?

-The most memorable lesson I learned in school is that knowledge can't just learned by sitting around and jotting down your teachers lessons and taking exams and you're good. You have to reason out and apply whatever you learn outside the classroom as well. I also learned that whatever we do, we have to add our unique touches to it, because it is what makes us different from others. :)

AVA TE/ avesbabii@yahoo.com/ @artsyava

Isabeau Jane said...

i learned the value of efficient time management when I was drowning in a sea of deadlines I could not possibly meet!

twitter id: damnvixen

Anonymous said...

this is my most memorable lesson i learned from school

my 4th year English teacher always remind us that, "In order to be successful, you need discipline more than knowledge."

twitter ID: violetlila

Anonymous said...

twitter: pola_ang
What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?

Not sweating the small stuff. Love friends and treat them as sisters and brothers. :) Accepting the differences and embracing the similarities. :)

Mhine said...

What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?

I've learned that hard work and motivation is a key to succeed and graduate with flying colors.

twitter: mhineb
email minervap@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

MFO, I just noticed the date on this entry. June 14, 2011. That's next week. :) That or I may have just time travelled. :P

cd_mfo said...

Sorry to break it to you, you did not time travel :) Date really is posted as June 14. It's deliberate so that newer posts won't push it down.

Unknown said...

What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?

The most memorable lesson that I learned in school is that giving the best in everything and hard work is very important to be a successful person.

twitter id - dickvincedor

Dorry Lyn

Janile said...

What is the most memorable lesson I learned in school?

We should love studying. Once we have the eagerness to learn and start loving school, we will do our best to be good in it. If there's love for studying, we will try our very best to overcome hindrances and we will succeed in no time!

Like in Math. I really hated Math when I was a kid. But I realized that if I'll not love Math, it will not love me back (talk about major math problems). It's a two-way process. :D Eventually, I had the eagerness to learn and to love that subject and look at me now, I'm better in Math!

twitter id: @janile15
email: mendoza.janile@yahoo.com

Rhea said...

Followed you on Twitter :)
twitter id: aehrlen
email address: rheanelgulafo@yahoo.com

"What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?"

The most memorable lesson I learned in school is to be a hard-working person. If you really want to succeed in life, if you want high grades, if you want to be on the top list.. then you have to be a hard-working person. Also, you have to be patient enough on those assignments, quizzes and the like because that's for you; to be a better and nicer student and a nice leader as well soon after you graduated college :)

jyl said...

the most memorable lesson I learned from school is that in real life, things may seem different from he text books, but at some point, you'll be grateful that you were able to come across these textbooks because they do help you solve the real problems in life. :)

twitter ID: jyl_yves
email: jyl_yves@yahoo.com

Azhezha said...

The most memorable lesson I learned in school is that don't ever lie to your teacher, don't ever doubt your teacher capability on his/her own subject..not wise if you choose to lie to your teacher, especially on science subject lab work, they know more than us..i will never do it again :')

sarahazhezha at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm taking up my MBA now, and one of the things I learned all throughout my school life is to NOT stop yourself from exploring and challenging what you can actually do. I may not like certain subjects but that dislike challenge me to know what's there and find fulfillment knowing I didn't give up from learning.


Janile said...

Hey! May I know how you'll pick the 5 lucky winners? I'm just so excited for June 15 to come! :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Janile! It will be via raffle! =)

Corporate Gift Ideas said...

Great giveaway! I would love to get one.

james said...

aspire to be book smart AND street smart is my most memorable lesson from school.

@dvjamesc, dvjamesc(at)gmail(dot)com

rlyn :} six8 said...

My most memorable? It's to keep on trying, because my teachers would always tell us, try and try until you succeed! And it's still with me - to never say surrender, just keep moving forward :}

rlyn68, rlyn68..at..gmail..dot..com

aida said...

What is the most memorable lesson you learned in school?

For me, the greatest lesson I learned from school is that, no one can ever help us all the time but ourselves only. I ponder to this idea before, and I realized that it's only to myself whom I can depend on. I cant depend to others all my life, instead, I depend to my own self. I also learned that the best lessons in life are learned through experiences that we can never ever forget till we get old and die.

Twitter ID: @slither1004
Email: slither_keen1004@yahoo.com

ariane may said...

My most memorable lesson I learned in school was to be independent in everything and do the best that I can to learn! Maintained my scholarship and do not just depend on my parents,so I work also while I'm in school.

Ariane May Gamil
twitter id:@itsmearianemay

Anonymous said...

Being smart gets you in, but you need hard work to survive. :)

Twitter id: mashpatatash

ako si alma said...

almasialma at gmail.com

Learning is a never-ending process. That's why, even if I stopped Uni, raised a darling, bid another goodbye, I went back. It's much like learning life.

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