Thursday, June 02, 2011

Grandma's Takes The Cake

Sharing with you more love for Grandma's from happy, satisfied customers. Inez & Jill even did their own Grandma's Secret Experiments and documented it!

Inez tried it on tar:

One of Pao's white shirts got stained at Whiskey Hill 7 with tar. I don't know how he managed to get tar on his shoulder but there it was. My friend Tin Dychiao had just brought in Grandma's Secret Spot Remover from the States, so I decided to try it on the tar stains. AND IT WORKED!

No, I'm not being paid to say this. Haha.

I learned that to get rid of Tar, you have to get the solid chunks out first. Then wash with hot water. Grandma's works right away, but little by little. TAR STICKS. But with a bit of patience, you can get it out :)

See, I'm a domestic goddess at heart :P - Inez

  Tar stains on the shoulder area. My cameraphone couldn't capture it so well, but believe me, 
it was there.

Yay, tar-free -- well, except for a teeny, tiny spot I really couldn't scrub out.

Little miracle worker in a bottle. You can order it through

Jill of Kikay Exchange experimented on her stained trousers:

Here's my comfiest pair of pants ever with some ugly food stains on the left leg.

Same pair of pants treated with Grandma's Secret Spot Remover and then left for a few hours. Actually, you're only supposed to treat stains for a few minutes but I totally forgot all about it:p

I then hand washed the affected area with Perla soap and then threw my pants inside the hamper ready to be sent out to the laundry house. After a few days, here it is good as new and with no hint of discoloration whatsoever, very impressive considering that I went way beyond the recommended 5-10 minutes (try 6 hours:p). Not bad Grandma!

Meanwhile, here are more testimonials (in honor of Friendster, heehee) I have received from delighted "Grandchildren":

Thanks so much for the magic spot remover! It really works! I gave some to my friends and they're all happy with the result! - CarRet

I bought a bottle of Grandma's and I'm impressed! The grease stain on my dress disappeared! It works like a charm. Super sulit. I got mine from Momtreprenuer :) - Angela

This stuff works!!! I just cleaned my Longchamp and got rid of a ballpen streak! :D - Carissa

I tried it on a piece of cloth with a ballpen mark and it removed the stain! - Dex

I have a new, cream colored Ralph Lauren blazer our help accidentally stained with some other clothes in the wash. I almost gave up on it and almost threw it out but good thing i was able to get hold of Grandma's! It saved my blazer from being thrown out. I haven't even worn it twice. But now i can wear it again. Yipeeee! - Kristine

And now, I leave you with an experiment I just did - using Grandma's to remove a Sharpie mark left by Berry on our wooden floor:

I soaked the Sharpie marks with Grandma's and wiped it away with a wet cloth, 
followed by Clorox Wipes.


While Grandma's works on month old stains, I think the best results are when fresh stains are treated right away.  That way, the stain hasn't seeped into the material yet. I strongly recommend bringing Grandma's with you - either in the diaper bag, or your handbag. It's really such a handy dandy cleaner, I cannot imagine life without it!

Oh, and good news Singapore! Grandma's is coming soon! We are looking for stockists so if you any of you dear readers have recommendations, please feel free to let us know who to approach! =)

For the complete list of stockists in the Philippines, click HERE.


laughing.gams said...

Oh Berry! I am usually temperamental. If I saw my hard wood floor vandalised, I would've freaked out. However,
I do have a soft spot for kids (well actually if they are blood related lang to me hehehe and a few considerations like cutie Berry.) And thank you for spreading the word about Grandma's stain remover its like the stain never happened.

Conchita said...

i have grandma with me while traveling... nesquick spills, ketsup stains, and tomato sauce no match! haha! oh, also use it to remove stains from my long champ bags.

cd_mfo said...

@laughing.gams: Awww, thanks for including Berry in your "considered list" hahaha! Actually, I really freaked out! I was thinking doe sthis need to be sanded and refinished? I figured wouldn't hurt to try Grandma's, and thankfully it worked, whew! Grandma's saved the day na naman!

@Conchita: Love it!!! Yes, stains have found a match in Grandma's! =)

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