Thursday, June 02, 2011

Seattle Premium Outlets

Because shopping in Canada is ridiculous, we go across the border to shop in Washington state. The nearest outlet mall is in Burlington, WA at The Outlet Shoppes at Burlington. I think the main drawing factor there is the Lululemon outlet, where they sell gym bags for just $75, apart from the usual yoga wear. Hate to disappoint you though, prices aren't that far off from the store. Like hoodies are $80 versus $98 retail. Other than that, it has the usual outlet staples, Carter's Gap, Van Heusen, Nike, etc. Then there's Nordstrom Rack in Lynnwood where I recall seeing these sick silver Sperry Top-siders back in 2005. If it's the Apple Store we have to go to, then we head out to Alderwood Mall.

A little farther off is Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, WA - from the same folks who brought us the Disneyland of outlet shopping: Woodbury Premium Outlets. It's not as huge, and the selection of stores? Not as impressive. But if you live in Washington or Vancouver where most people (not all, but most) dress up in North Face/Columbia jackets, hoodies & sweatshirts most of the time, I guess this is as good as it can get.

The photos make the place look dreary, but hey, this is Washington, land of Twilight, ahehehe:
Unlike Woodbury which is an outdoor outlet mall in the purest sense, Seattle Premium Outlets is canopied throughout...
It has the following stores that would suitably make the average shopper happy:

But none of the mind blowing ones that Woodbury has aka - Chanel, YSL, Marni, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Frette, Loro Piana etc. Ah, there was a Burberry there, and they had this amazing army green raincoat for little boys that would fit me, about $200. But I have way too many military jackets already and at $200, nice, but no thanks.

I did buy a wallet for my sister at Kate Spade. A pretty leather one that was less than $75. Seriously. I think Kate Spade here has the best deals. Bags were on sale, and then up to an additional 60% off. I think you could already buy a bag for $100 or so. Canvas pouches starting at $30, nice pasalubong or you can hoard it to give as gifts when an occasion pops up.

Then there are the usual stores for the kiddos:

And the guys would have these:

Dada was disappointed with the Brooks Brothers here. He wanted to buy a couple of suits but they didn't have his size. I think Brooks Brothers at Jersey Gardens & Woodbury would still have the best selection of styles and sizes.

Dada and I only shopped here at J.Crew, we got a lot of shorts to gear up for Singapore's summer:

And of course, I had to take an outfit shot inside J.Crew, heeheehee:
Isabel Marant sweatshirt dress & scarf, Wolford tights, cardigan from Splendid, Hoss Intropia leather jacket, clog booties from No.6


kelly said...

I really love those boots!!I Are they comfortable enough to walk in? Even in the winter? :)

cd_mfo said...

Yes! Very comfortable and I didn't have to break it in. It can be a challenge walking on cobblestones, but it takes getting used to. I also love how it's waterproof and I can stomp on snow and puddles without my feet getting wet. So worth it! Perfect with thick socks for winter =)

kaye i. said...

Now you know how I feel... LOL. Nakaka disappoint if you like certain clothing/brands. I stick to JCrew, Gap, Zara & HM... its the safest. The rest.... womp womp. It's either super nice but mega expensive or super affordable but cheap quality :/ Sometimes its worth driving all the way to Seattle, coz they have way better stuff.

kelly said...

Thanks, Christine! I really want to invest in a good pair of boots for an upcoming US trip. I hope I purchase the perfect pair! (sayang these F+B eternity boots from barney's, walang size ko :/)

cd_mfo said...

Kaye! I've actually haven't been to Seattle proper, imagine that! I want to go to Portland next time too, I miss tax free shopping heehee!

You're welcome Kelly! OMG! I love those F&Bs too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine. i'm just wondering, are you Chinese? :)

I'm a fan of your blog, by the way. Love your style and down-to-earth(ness). :)

cd_mfo said...

Thank you! I have Chinese blood from my dad's side =)

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