Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dada's Day!

Today we focus the spotlight on Berry's Dada, aka Mr. MFO (heehee).

A couple of days ago, I told him "Hey, for the first time I like your outfit, pwede na kita i-feature!"

Well, I was just teasing him really, because Dada really dresses nice for work and play. He loves wearing Brooks Brothers suits and Italian oxfords or monk straps to power meetings. His business casual days are all about slim shirts and slim chinos. Weekends are for J.Crew shorts and his pique shirts. He still wears Børn slip ons with jeans (slim cut, of course) though, but he likes them, so ok, fine.

He lets me wear leopard print sandals and my studded Miu Mius which he finds too West Coast for his New England prep aesthetic. But in a relationship, it's really about give and take. Of course, Berry gets away with anything. Even pink zebra print pants which she paired with her Tres Chic shirt (told ya it's a fave!)...

...and her all-natural Hopscotch Kids nail polish in Red Rover, Red Rover (she chose this outfit herself, down to the color of her toes). Incidentally, Berry & I brought in Hopscotch Kids to Manila, and I will tell you more about this wonderful line of baby and pregnancy friendly water-based nail polishes, soon!

Now, back to Dada. I won't wax poetic about his traits any more, because words will never be enough. Let's just say Dada is the husband I prayed to God and St. Joseph for and the best Dada in the world (Berry even composed a song for him which goes like this, "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Daaa-ddy!" LOL). 

Not only is he first and foremost a wonderful family man, he is also accomplished, brilliant and astute. Not to mention, he is quite the stylish man. So, our Father's Day gift to Dada is a monthly feature on his style! Yihee! Chic Boy (short for chicken baboy, joke)!

I would also like to greet Daddy Henry (Angkong) and Daddy Efren (Lolo) a Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for all the life lessons you taught us. We love you Daddies!


Trina said...

Happy father's day daddies!

Anonymous said...

I really love this post. May God shower your beautiful family with more blessings.

It makes me smile that you found your "God's best", your wonderful husband. And it's inspiring that he's the one you prayed to God and St. Joseph for. I really feel genuine love in this post. Hence, I was drawn to comment a long one. Haha!


Nikki said...

excited that you're bringing in kid safe nail polish :) hopscotch is similar to piggy paint right?

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