Monday, June 20, 2011

MFO Blog Giveaway: Yogurt Skin Benefits from Dr.Perricone

Breaking news, skin fanatics! Dr. Perricone has a new line of products out called SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone!

SUPER is a line of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, treatments & eye, lip & body products that make use of superfoods like ginger, olive, turmeric, apples, etc to impart a particular beauty benefit. Specific product lines are made to address acne, fine lines & wrinkles, lack of hydration, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores & sun damage.

For instance, the amazing yogurt skin benefits of this Second Skin Hand & Cuticle Cream, "polishes and smoothes for soft and healthy skin." From a scientific point of view, yogurt contains Probiotics, which when in stable extract form, increase oxygen uptake and collagen synthesis for smooth, soft and healthy skin.
Coconut is another superfood with moisturizing properties that "leaves skin soft and sweet". This Hyper Hydrator containing Coconut Water has medium chain trigylcerides benefits for quick absorption and a matte finish.

Now, here's the best part! Yours truly and the folks behind Dr. Perricone are giving away any 1 (ONE)  SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone product OR Perricone MD product of your choice, valued at $150 or less!

Here's how:

- Add me on Twitter @CD_MFO

- Leave a comment on this post and tell me which Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone/Perricone MD product valued at $150 or less you WANT or NEED, and WHY?

- Don't forget to leave your Twitter ID and email address so I can contact you!

Contest is open to US and Canada based readers, or those with a US or Canada address.

I will be accepting entries until June 27, 2011. Winner will be announced on June 28, 2011.


mashpatatash said...

Hi! I want to win Perricone MD Cold Plasma. It would be a great birthday gift for my mom. :)

Twitter ID: mashpatatash
email: ripdiet at yahoo dot com

jaycee said...

Need Hyper Hydrator for upcoming harsh winter :-)
TWitter : azimuth79
Email :

Anne-Marie T said...

Following you on Twitter (amt946)

I would like to try the Cold Plasma as it sounds like a great all in one, anti-aging product.


Anonymous said...

At 32, a lot of people told me I don't look my age but my eyes would be the clue because of fine lines and dark circles. If I get lucky I would like to have the Advanced Eye Area Therapy.

Thank you.
twitter: itsmececilli

jp24 said...

I am from Seattle and you can never predict the weather here. I've been struggling to find the perfect skin moisturizer that would keep my skin hydrated for our unforgiving winter weather. I would like to try the Super Coconut Hyper Hydrator.

Twitter: jes_perez

sueno said...

twitter: trinaceous

Perricome MD High Potency Evening Repair is something I both want and need to prevent my skin from getting wrinkles and to heal sun damage from all the free days we spend on the ocean.

Eubelle said...

I would like the face firming activator. I am always smiling and I have a few laugh lines. Thank you!!!

twitter id:eubelle7
florabelle(dot)r at gmail(dot)com

Kim D. said...

I would like to try the Night Recharger to help brighten, smooth, and renew my aging skin.
mom22girlz at ymail dot com

florence said...

i want Perricone MD Cold Plasma!
i want to prevent wrinkles!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want the Perricone MD Cold Plasma. My mom has been raving about this for so long after she read an article in a magazine.


Luvdaylilies said...

I would just LOVE to try Bright Eyed! My eyes get so puffy & it really sounds like this would be a great product!
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

fran said...

Hiya! I would love to get Cold Plasma, for my mom :)

twitter: franrgh

Animetric said...

I want Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma Eye because I've had dark undereye circles practically forever. I've tried just about every eye cream you can think of and I even took make-up classes yet I still can't make those dark circles disappear. They ruin my daily look and my daily life because they make me look old and tired.

I'm a hands-on mom, entrepreneur, freelance writer, and blogger so I don't get much sleep. I wake up before 6am everyday and the earliest time I can sleep is past midnight. I just really need something for my dark circles.

Animetric said...

Oh I forgot my Twitter ID is @animetric. Thank you!

Maria said...

I would love to get my hands on the Cold Plasma. I've been researching about this product for a while and have read good reviews. The only hindrance why I don't have it is that it's out of my budget. That's why this give-away is perfect for me!

twitter id:iloveyen
torontobuyer30 at gmail(dot)com

A Loopy Life said...

Cols Plasma sounds like it would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

I literally look like Panda because of the dark circles around my eyes. And that is why I need the Perricone MD High potency Eye lift!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to try the Dr. Perricone MD Cold Plasma for the eyes because I've tried different eye creams to reduce the dark cirlces but still no good results. I hope this product will help me with my problem so I could toss my eyeglasses and just wear contact lenses.

twitter: Cheche_sales

Denise said...

I'd love to get Cold Plasma because my mom and I can share it. I have hugs pores and my mom could do with anti-aging.

I'm goldenkagi on twitter and my email is inevitableoblivion @ gmail . com

jolen said...

i'd love to try the cold plasma. hoping it would do wonders to my pimple marks :)

iceminnt at yahoo dot com

Deanna said...

1. I follow you on Twitter as @calidreamin87.

2. I want the Superhero Body because I have really dry skin!

(email in profile)

kaye i. said...

1 - Following you on Twitter, already♥

2 - I'd love to have the COLD PLASMA! Why? Because my skin's starting to give up on me! Oh gah, I have embarrasing large pores and discoloration all over. It would be nice to not have to worry about wearing make-up and have nice flawless skin.

@suchfunthings (Twitter) (E-mail)

Stephanie said...

Hello! I am wishing to win the super super super 3-minute facial..never tried any of dr. perricone's line so if I win, this will be my first super dr. perricone ;)...

thanks a bunch!!!


Krizia said...

No Foundation Foundation: Just the right product for a lazy-daisy, non-morning person like moi. This "no make up" make up foundation is the answer to every working girl's prayers. Keeps skin away from harmful UV's, delays aging, and perfect for full coverage. Love the triple threat! :))

twitter account: DJkriziaj
email add:

Jam said...

I want AND need MD Perricone's Cold Plasma Eye. I was born with really dark circles and i couldn't do anything to remove them (except photoshop? Lol) I'm really hoping that this product would solve my dillemma. Hopefully i won't need to use photoshop anymore! Lol

Twitter : jammiii

carinissima said...

I could really use the Advanced Face Firming Activator...working on my PhD (all but dissertation complete!), and running after a 2-year old has left me with some lackluster complexion. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be my lucky day!!! Thanks MFO, and Perricone for this giveaway :)


kat said...

I need the Advanced Face Firming Activator. I am 38 years old & i want to preserve my youth :)

twitter ID: katcho602

Antropia Luna said...

Nice to see Manila on the circuit with concise info on the benefits of yogurt in skincare products.

Antropia Luna said...

Oh forgot to mention the Acai Super Clean is a for sure must have. The antioxidants are a skin saver and booster, please!

Anonymous said...

I am visiting the Philippines - where can I buy Dr Perricone products in Manila?

cd_mfo said...

Anon, check out Rustan's Makati, Shangri-la and Alabang Town Center

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