Friday, June 10, 2011

MFO Shoe Series: Karrots Nazareno, Manila

Karrots Nazareno, creative director of popular homegrown shoe label Anthology Shoes (yes, purveyors of those popular London brogues we all love, as well as the comfiest Philippine-made ballet flats in town) is not only kyut, she is kengkoy to the max! Over at her blog Karotitay, she shares both poignant and funny stories about her domestic life as wife and supermom (read Bawal Mag Ingles Day, so hilar!), and of course, behind the scenes deets about what goes on at Anthology Shoes HQs.

Because she works with shoes (and for shoes too!) I got curious and just had to ask her to be part of this series. I mean, she makes shoes. She is there from conceptualization to sample construction to production to marketing, you'd want to know what sort of shoes she wears right?

Well, as it turns out, Karrots loves her own. She is the walking, talking, breathing billboard of Anthology Shoes. I think she has all the styles basically, and some, in different color variations too (like the NYC wedge booties which is her "baby", as in she really pushed "The Boss" to branch out to wedge shoes after Anthology established a reputation for making comfortable flats). 

Apparently, one of her responsibilities involves trying out new designs. She once shared to me how  she has to test the prototypes for fit and comfort, which hey, is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Not only does she HAVE TO wear the prototypes, she gets to keep a couple of pairs they make too. Can you say, dream job?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I try to maintain 30. If I acquire a new pair, I have to toss out an old one.

What's your shoe size?

6-8 (?!?!) Weird! My feet have a personality disorder.

Which pairs are your favorites?

Anthology NYC, Anthology Rio, Anthology Shanghai

From top, clockwise: Anthology NYC, Anthology Rio, Anthology Shanghai

If you could only wear one pair of shoes, which one would it be?

My NYCs. I can go traveling in them, my confidence level goes up and I look thinner. Swear!

Anthology NYCs in Leopard, Dove & Black

What are your favorite shoe brands?

Anthology and FIT FLOPS. Ew! Kill me! Sorry. I’m a mother.

What's in your shoe lust list?

A pair of sky high / drag queen nude Louboutins that I will probably never wear. Drooling now.

Where do you buy shoes?

Around Manila. I mostly steal shoes from the office.

Anthology shoes, allegedly stolen from the office, hehehe.

What's that one shoe you can't bear to give away or throw out?

My old sneakers. They are the closest thing to home d├ęcor.

For more of Anthology Shoes, here's their SITE.

For more of Karrots' musings and of course more Anthology Shoes, here's her BLOG.


Lloyda said...

i love anthology shoes!!!!!
their brogues are the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyda!! Reyna ng mga brogues!!

Si MFO yung prinsesa HAHAHA

Or the other way around!!

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