Friday, June 10, 2011

Richmond, BC Eats: Jang Mo Jib

It has become tradition that whenever we visit Dad & Mom Dychiao, we have to pop by Jang Mo Jib in Richmond.I swear, a trip there is not complete if we don't eat here. I think it's the perfect cold weather meal, and even if it's summer, well, so what. This particular meal was special because it was Berry's first time to eat here. The last time we were here, she was still in my tummy, and this was the first ever meal I had during my barf-y first trimester that I was able to hold down. So, see, it truly is special!

Here are our staple dishes:

Hae Mool Pah Jun aka as Seafood Pancake. Because seafood on this side of the coast is always so fresh, this is always a winner. Love the mix of crunchy browned batter coupled with bursts of chewy squid. A dip into the delicate saltiness of the soy sauce adds a new dimension. With or without soy sauce, I like!

Gam Jah Tahng is a hearty, tasty soup that could probably be the equivalent of our sinigang. While we like it sour, they like their soup spicy. Because Berry was sharing this meal with us, we opted for a little spicy. Honestly, I would prefer the soup to be really hot with a lot of kick to it. But we all made the sacrifice for the little girl, heehee. Nevertheless, as usual, this was a delight to eat. I love dipping a spoonful of rice into a bowl of broth and then following it with tender pork meat. Again, I don't really eat pork, but for some reason, pork here isn't porky at all, so it's always a go!

Last but not the least is their Gahl Bee, short ribs marinated in soy sauce, rice wine, rice vinegar, etc etc. and then BBQ'd to perfection.

While the best Korean beef ribs I've ever had can be found in So Kong Dong in Fort Lee, NJ (just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Anthony Bourdain dined at So Kong Dong when he did an episode on New Jersey for No Reservations), this Gahl Bee is almost there.

We have been dining at Jang Mo Jib for the last 5 years now, and I think, this tradition is here to stay.

Jang Mo Jib
8320 Alexandra Street
Richmond, BC V6X1C4
(604) 233-0712


kaye i. said...

Mmmm.... bottomless kimchi!

My family, Florence and I have this go-to Korean all you can eat pork belly place at Vancouver's downtown area. It's really shady and not for snobby and maarte kind of people, but the food's great! No English signs outside so its easy to miss. I think most of their customers are ESL students.

Oh, and we try not to wear our most precious clothes when we go there because the smell sticks to you after eating. LOL. It's so worth it though!

Jenny said...

we ate here too!!! and yes you are right it is quite yummy!!! that soup is yumyumyum but we didn't make it spicy so N can eat. the chapchae was good too!

Janile said...

Aw. I suddenly got hungry :/

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