Saturday, September 24, 2011


Just when I thought I was done with oxfords, I found another style to get obsessed about - monk straps, specifically, double monk straps.

My friends, these three up above, these are no mens shoes. They are monk straps specifically made for the ladies, hence our title Mongha, heehee. 

Discovered these at net-a-porter and I like the Ralph Lauren and Burberry ones the best. The style is still very masculine, but made with feminine proportions in mind. My cup of tea.

Anyhoo, here is some bit of information about monk straps, courtesy of Esquire's The Handbook of Style, which in my opinion, is a must buy for the guy in your life. It's filled with chockfull of background stories and tips, that will hopefully educate your man about style:

The Hallmark: A buckle-and-strap closure that replaces traditional eyelets and laces.

Variations: Navy suede and the quirkier two-strap model.

Wear it with: A serious worsted suit - and almost any other style of suit or tailored trouser. Of course, the rules are different for us girls, we can wear these monk straps with anything! 

Wear it to: Work and play - it's a true chameleon.

Wear it at your own risk: On very formal occasions

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Lloyda said...

omg! drooool much! i love!

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