Thursday, October 06, 2011


Ok, as promised! Here's the 411 on Prada's Baroque sunnies! According to Eileen Marquez of BLI:

COLOR - They will come in ALL colors!
STYLE - It will come in two styles - a round one and an angular version
PRICE - Php 15,490 for both styles
WHERE - The sunnies will be available in Adora and LS Pascual Rockwell & Shangri-la
WHEN? - It will be in stores this October

Actually, LS Pascual Rockwell is already carrying both styles - the round one in white & the cats eye in tortoise. The rest of the collection will be coming to Adora and LS Pascual Shangri-la as soon as the full collection arrives!

What are you waiting for! Start stalking these stores now! ;)

Now I leave you with these artsy photos that came out in Italian Vogue. Prada commissioned these especially for their Baroque sunnies collection. Called From Drawings to Pictures, the project features the works of Federica Di Giovanni, Kuba Dabrowski, Ciraudo_Majola, Mattia Buffoli, Rosi di Stefano, Tassili Calatroni, Tatiana Uzlova and Tomás Nogueira, and were also presented in Prada stores in Milan, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, and New York back in May.


Anonymous said...

Any idea on the price ?

Anonymous said...

Any idea on the price? Ty

Anonymous said...

Any idea price

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Thanks for the heads-up, as usual! Would you happen to know if they're bringing in Miumiu Noir as well? :)

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