Monday, October 10, 2011

Go for Gold

We were invited to visit Kuala Lumpur to attend Dada's graduate school classmate's wedding in their home two weeks ago. It was such a beautiful experience and one of the most gorgeous, intimate ceremonies I have been to ever. I thought I'd share with you glimpses from the wedding, and of course, what we wore!

Prior to the bride and groom's exchange of rings, the "exchange of vows" was actually between the groom, and the bride's father, as per tradition. So it is basically like a contract between the groom and his father-in-law.

Like the Chinese Ting Hun, the couples exchange gifts. But unlike the Chinese Ting Hun, this was done during the actual ceremony. The ones at the back are for the bride, from the groom's family. The gifts in the pretty carriages dripping with pearls and on gilded trays are from the bride's side, for the groom.

I spied wedding cakes, a Macbook Air, the Koran, clutches from Furla & Ferragamo, watches, perfumes, and fruit platters amongst a host of other gifts. But it was this unique, organic arrangement of fruits that caught my eye. I love the raspberries cradled on the "nest". How adorable!

The following day, we attended the formal wedding reception, held at a hotel in Bukit Bintang. I enjoyed watching what the guests wore, from silk batiks and baju melayus for the men to baju kurungs and Indian saris plus the random modern cocktail dress or gown.

I thought this buffet style of serving guests was brilliant!

Everything was laid out inside in front of us, so no need for guests to stand up and get food at the buffet table. I think this is the best alternative to a sit down dinner. Plus can I say, there was bottomless rice! OMG! I had two servings!

There was a mini wedding ceremony held on this stage...
Where the principal sponsors got to greet the couple, sprinkling potpourri over their heads, and lightly splashing their hands with oil. The principal sponsors read like a who's who of Malaysia - from a former Prime Minister to high ranking government officials and industrialists.

And of course, there was us, aka the friends who flew in, heehee.

For the wedding ceremony, which required proper attire, the bride suggested that Dada wear a baju melayu or a batik shirt and long pants. While I could wear a long sleeved blouse and a long skirt. After weeks of researching and scouring the shops here in Singapore for something appropriate to wear, we ended up wearing these:

Look at Dada's batik shirt, he looks "resplendent" as his friend put it. Prince Jefri is that you? Wear a songkok and I'd mistake you for President SBY!

Meanwhile, I found a long pleated skirt at River Island, and a long sleeved top from Zara. I just paired it with my Rebecca Minkoff MAC, a Fenton/Fallon cuff and the metallic peep toe slingbacks I wore to my own wedding.

This outfit would have been perfectly appropriate, if not for the Bio-Oil stain on my skirt! Buti na lang I had Grandma's to the rescue, and it washed off right away.

(Photos 6,7,9 were taken by Detania S.)


Anonymous said...

love your outfit in the last pic, appropriate but still stylish :D

charmaigne grace said...

wow effect!

KatDyFinds said...

Tin I love your outfit!!!!!

Maye of said...

Nice outfit MFO! :) I think its the first time I saw you in a long skirt. ;)

Cat said...

love the outfit!

janie said...

Wow, glitters and gold galore!
Love your outfit! =)

Mom-Friday said...

Blinding gold! :)
I love your outfit, esp. the pleated skirt.

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks ladies! =)

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