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The Daley News: MFO Talks to Marga Nazareno of Daley

I am a bit obsessed with Daley tees these days, they're just the softest, slouchiest tees that look great by themselves (with bottoms of course) or semi-untucked and worn with a blazer. Emmanuelle Alt would so approve! I had to ask Marga of Daley to tell us more about their homegrown brand of tees.

Daley tee with front pocket in navy (photo by Don Yap)

I love your shirts! Very T by Alexander Wang! I love how I can just throw them on with jeans, slim cargos or whatever, and not look like I am wearing just any boring tee! How did you and your business partner Andrew come about with your concept?

Marga: I've always really wanted to come up with a basic apparel brand that carried nothing but 'season-less' basic pieces -- just stuff you want to wear over and over and wear with everything. I guess this is a reflection of my taste and personal style as well. I love women who always look classic and timeless and only use trends to punctuate their looks. And there really seems to be a gap in the Manila fashion scene for something like Daley. A lot of the young brands just do trendy stuff and all the high-street brands do all the trendy stuff as well. But women are never going to tire of basic pieces so it's nice to have access to a brand that specializes in that.

Andrew, on the other hand, is simply interested in dabbling in all sorts of businesses and the idea of setting up brand. Thats his strength. So when i was floating the idea by him, he felt like it would be a good opportunity. So he basically runs the show on the business side of things and it helps that his aesthetic is a male version of mine :)

When did you start Daley? 

Marga: We started the brand in September 2010, and Daley just happens to be our idea of what a good basic piece should look like -- something that hangs a little bit loose and just drapes the body. The colors tend to be neutral as well because the idea is really that you should be able to use the piece as a blank canvas. And of course the core of the brand is our tanks and tees -- it's really the first thing women are gonna need to build their wardrobes. 

It took us about a year to set this all up because we were having a hard time looking for the right supplier. 90% of what makes a Daley shirt a Daley shirt is the fabric so if we don't get that right, the fit just doesn't turn out right either.

I agree. Your shirts just have the right, slouchy feel to it, without looking sloppy! And I have all the basic colors and cuts, but I can't seem to have enough. Something so basic but so covetable! What's your inspiration?

Marga: In terms of designs, our core styles are always available. So you should always be able to get a tank or a tee in black or white. I think that's just the beauty of being a basic apparel brand. We try to introduce a new color every so often for our tank and tees, but always in keeping with the Daley aesthetic. But in terms of the rest of the styles, the clothes are really just inspired by what I would want to wear or see other women wearing. And since we're a basic apparel brand, I think a lot about what building blocks women would need in their wardrobes and pieces that would look good with certain outfits. And a lot of the time, the clothes are really just inspired by the fabrics. So we tend to start with the fabrics first.

Where else to find your shirts?

Marga: Right now, Daley is available at the Rockwell bazaars, Catalogue63, and at

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