Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Piecing Together

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about Berry's attempt at styling! While Berry has a future as a stylist, the little girl needs more training in taking photos, heehee. She offered, no insisted to take this photo when we met up with our friends Bel & Karen, who were in town for the holidays. She looked so serious taking the photo, then showed us my phone as if to ask us if we liked it. All three of us started giggling when we saw this:

Thankfully, Berry's Nana was there to take this photo for posterity:

It was great seeing you Bel & Karen! Let's do this again when you are back in town! Berry, your efforts are still much appreciated of course! We love you!

Pregnancy Style Tip: For pregnant women looking for non-maternity clothes that you can wear after giving birth, I find the Athena tunic dress from Cole Vintage (also available online at Chicify) to be a great first trimester dress. It's slimming but with enough room for a growing bump! Wore mine with sandals from K.Jacques, Chloe sunnies, necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane, Fallon cuff, and Celine tote. And a supot of Hizon's ensaymada. Hee!

Tunic dresses are so presko and when the Little One finally comes out, they're a great beach cover-up or a lazy weekend/errands dress that you can just throw on and pair with sandals and sunnies. Effortless diba?


Kat said...

This was the day I saw you at Greenhills Promenade! :)

Berry's photo is sooo funny. She's meant to be in front of the camera, not behind it. Haha.

I wanted to ask about your Luggage tote. It seems slouchier than mine. Is it smooth or pebbled leather? If it's smooth, was it this slouchy when you got it or did it just get slouchier over time?

cd_mfo said...

Yes Kat! Hahaha! She needs to take photography lessons! Replied to your luggage tote Q on Twitter! =)

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Your supot only highlighted your chicness, hehehe.

ambquezada said...

I knew it! Cole vintage! I've been eyeing that dress too. But I don't think I'd fit in it:)

My kids also love to hold the camera and there's always a hit and a miss! :)

Wonder Woman said...

That's so cute of Berry! Can't wait to teach my daughter the wonders of photography. :p

cd_mfo said...

Hehehe! Thanks Anon!

@ambquezada: The tunics come in diff sizes! And any tunic, like the authentic Indian ones are a great alternative =)

@Wonder Woman: Yes! They will love it I am sure!

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