Tuesday, February 14, 2012

17 Weeks

shirt: A.P.C., shorts: J.Crew, velvet loafers: Pedder Red, belt: Marni

Wore this to my OB appointment. 17 weeks as of February 10! I am so excited! In 3 weeks we can find out our Little One's gender na!

Now that we are back in Manila, I super love being pregnant! Rustan's Beauty Source sent me Palmer's Cocoa Butter products, a brand I actually used when I was pregnant with Berry. Will show you the range that I have soon. I swear by it, I never got stretch marks when I was pregnant with Berry. 

And thanks to my BFF Nina, I discovered the pre-natal massage treatment at Clarins Institut Spa in Rustan's Makati! So relaxing and perfect for pregnancy aches and pains, and of course, for toning and taking care of our bodies. Will tell you more about that too. I think a lot of pregnant moms, ok fine, pregnant & maarte moms like me will appreciate it as much as I did. 

Will be back again soon! Wait lang!


Blanca said...

I wish I can be fabulously preggy too, lucky lucky you.:)

Issa said...

wow, still sexy at 17 weeks! congrats pala :)

Cai Sio said...

You still fit your pants and shorts! I don't fit in mine anymore :( Haha! Looking great! Will try out Clarins soon!

nix said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! you do look great! wish i knew about Palmers during my first pregnancy! keep posting for us "maarte" preggy mommies!

D said...

Waaah sabay na sabay tayo! I'm also on my 17th week. :)

I use naman Mustela for stretch mark prevention. :) Didn't get to try Palmer's but a lot of my friends swear by that product too. :)

Have a happy pregnancy!

Cherie Wee said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! :) I am so happy for you and your family!

Week 17 Pregnancy said...

absolutely adorable!

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