Monday, February 06, 2012

Dashe Great!

I really only ever started using makeup when I was in my 20s. Yes, I am a late bloomer. I know. After years of applying make-up using my fingers (barbaric, but that's just whipped foundation, cheek stain & lip gloss, and hey I made sure to wash my hands first), I decided it was time to buy makeup brushes. The only advice my mom ever gave me when it came to buying makeup brushes was to use ones made from sable, or real animal hair at least. She said, don't  be afraid to splurge because you'll use it for years. Again, quality over quantity.

Now, I never really bothered to learn the technicalities as to why real hair is better, but as far as I know, they feel so much nicer on the skin vs. synthetics. And so, I bought my first makeup brush set, all of 7 pieces from Smashbox, at the ripe old age of 30. And only because first, I thought the houndstooth handles were pretty mod, plus yes, the bristles felt nice on the skin.

I was happily using Smashbox makeup brushes for 5 years until last year, when my Mom gifted me with a limited edition travel set from Chanel. I loved it of course! It was perfectly packaged in a small handy black pouch, and again, the brushes were made from real animal hair. Even Berry loved it when I pretend to put makeup on her, because she liked the feel of the soft brushes on her lids and cheeks. Such a girly girl!

Now, here's the deal, it's a travel set, so the brushes are limited, but yet, I used it on a daily basis. So it was my lucky day when Ecat and Tifany of Dashe Cosmetics sent me a 12 piece set of Dashe makeup brushes for me to try. 

Ecat said that Dashe is a local brand of makeup brushes, but everything is custom made in Korea. Plus plus! Dashe only uses high quality animal hair for all of their brushes. True enough, when I giddily opened the package, the brushes were really well-made and the hair, actually comparable to my Chanel ones! Here's a side by side (Dashe on the left, Chanel on the right):

Foundation brushes

Powder brushes

Eye Shadow brushes

Blending brushes

I honestly cannot say there is a big difference in using Dashe vs. Chanel. They feel practically the same, and work equally as well. One may argue that since I am not a makeup professional, I really wouldn't be able to make an objective assessment, but apparently, the line makes great starter sets for budding makeup artists. Which is good enough for me!

According to Ecat, they supply some makeup schools like Lasalle International's makeup department and the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty. With Dashe's high quality, reasonably priced brush sets, the line is perfect for girls like me who don't want to splurge while still experimenting with makeup. 

Dashe makeup brushes are also available at First Aid Greenbelt Makati, PCX Rockwell Powerplant and PCX Alabang Town center.

Here are more brushes from Dashe:

Powder and contour brush set in coral (also comes in purple)

6 piece Zebra pink set

12 piece set (this is what I have - MFO)

17 piece set

21 piece set

30 piece set

Tool belt set

Dashe also carries unbranded make up palettes from the US and a few Ben Nye items. For prices, inquiries, or more information visit Dashe on Multiply and Facebook!


Girlie Blogger said...

Oh these brushes look great. SO important to have good tools.

Unknown said...

I once harbored dreams of becoming a professional make-up artist so I used to invest in some serious make-up brushes.

I have to look these up. Hopefully they're available here in the US.

sky@laestetica said...

i wish i have the luxury to collect these great brushes!

Sara said...

it's not the name brand of the brush that matters it is the quality :)

Mariel said...

Super nice! Love makeup brushes! I doubt if I'll ever get over them :) So nice to know that there are such high-quality brushes available locally!

lady from eton baypark said...

Nice piece of set my dear. Envy much. :D

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