Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picnic at the Park

I love Berry's themed play dates! Last week was the "nail polish party" with Gia and Georgia, and this week was a "picnic at the park" with Jacob and Sabrina. It was my friend Pam's idea and it turned out to be a fun, breezy and yummy way to spend the afternoon.

While the kiddos played with their sand toys and went up and down the slides and took their turns at the swings, Pam and I got to catch up and eat out of the ordinary picnic food. The kids were happy with strawberries, marshmallows, raisins, cheddar Goldfish crackers, Pic-Nic Break and Wheatables, but the highlight and centerpiece of our picnic was the truffle panizza that Pam bought from Foccacia. OMG! I think I had 5 rolls of these! And I am still craving for more...

Berry enjoyed the food, her new friends, and was sad about having to go. I myself found it hard to tear myself away from the table. Plus, the weather was so nice, sunny but still comfortable, because of the canopy of trees above us. Such a nice time to be out. And to think it was raining so hard the day before, Pam and I were worried about having to cancel. But! God was good and gave us perfect picnic weather on the day of our play date!

While walking back to our car, I noticed the carpet of fallen leaves on the grass. It looked like fall, and if the weather was any cooler, and if I were wearing boots instead of flip flops, I could have fooled myself into thinking we were somewhere not tropical.

Pam has fun anecdotes about our picnic in her blog, Run Around Girl! Read HERE!

PS - To Kelly, I am using Hopscotch Kids, a line of water based nail polishes for kids. So yes, there are non-toxic polishes for pregnant ladies like us! Safe for breastfeeding moms too! =)

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