Monday, April 16, 2012

Si Valentino at ang Barong Tagalog

Valentino's Spring 2012 ad campaign has been making waves amongst us who have recognized the Barong Tagalog worn in such a ladylike way. My sister Trina managed to take snaps of their store window and it looks amazing in person. 

Does this make you want to wear a Barong Tagalog too? When cut slim, belted and paired with a skirt, it just takes on a whole new look.

Funny how Filipino designers seem to have glossed over looking at our Barong Tagalog as something for girls. Although I am sure some have attempted, but not to this effect. Often, it has always been taken so literally and the few women I have seen who wear Barongs still pair it with pants. When to start with, the Barong in itself is pretty and delicate enough for girls, even though they are really meant to be worn by men. 

Valentino's twist was done in such a unique, yet still traditional way. With just a few tweaks, the designers actually managed to make it look like something I would want to wear too, hee!


Hzl said...

Oh! This is just genius! Unique and elegant! Wouldn't be surprised to see someone wear that 'barong tagalog' again haha. My mom actually has one but it's so vintage and loose already that it doesn't seem so cool anymore haha. I must think of a way to have them modified though! I like vintage looks :))

ambquezada said...

I would love to wear this to work. We wear Filipiniana every Monday.

Mom-Friday said...

I love it!!! I hope this catches on esp. in the local scene!
My mom wore slim-cut barong a few times, with trousers, to formal events! It's really chic.

Meikah said...

Wow, our Barong Tagalog made it to Valentino!

I think I've seen some legislators wear our Barong Tagalogs this way, too.

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