Wednesday, May 02, 2012

27 Weeks: Back to Grunge

My mom and Dada don't particularly like it when I wear these tattered jeans, but they are just so comfy! My mom says this is something to wear to the market, or Divisoria daw. AKA as the haggling outfit, haha!

But I still often wear it out to run errands. This is the easiest outfit to throw on ever, plus this is one of two pairs of jeans I have, that still fit me. Wore this to lunch with Karrots at Basil:
grey shirt from Daley, Super Loved Destroyed boyfriend jeans from Current/Elliott, black Converse x Play Comme des Garçons sneakers

This is how I look like from the side:

I think Xavi is going to be much bigger than Berry. I was on 30+ weeks with Berry na when my belly was this size. Then again, as they say, first babies are smaller and succeeding babies are bigger. Plus with Xavi, I have a teenage boy's appetite and I am hungry every hour. Yes, up to now.


D said...

Ahhh the go to jeans. I have one too!
I couldn't figure out why the baby in my tummy is smaller than my first. :( maybe i've done something wrong or i just don't eat as much as before. I'm actually quite woried but i'm heading to my OB now for our check up. I hope everything turns out fine. :)

Arlene M said...

MFO, you only look as if you mistakenly swallowed a rockmelon! Not at all big, so you're still looking good. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute!!!! And you're still thin! :) Angela

cd_mfo said...

Don't worry Daphne, every baby is different! I have a friend, her second baby is the same age as mine but her tummy is much smaller! As long as you and baby are healthy, don't worry about the size!

Hehehe, thanks Arlene!

Thanks Angela! But my face and thighs are bigger now, eeep!

Cai Sio said...

I'm bigger this time around too! And much more matakaw. Is it really true about having a boy? Cause I'm having a boy and I can't stop eating!

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