Thursday, May 03, 2012

Heima New Collection + Design Discussions this Saturday!

All Happening this Saturday! Join in on the fun!

Oh Hi, Summertime! ( Of Outdoor Stories, Secret Stars & A Paper Universe )

A collection of summer hues and outdoor stories, Heima will unveil its 5th collection with a series of events that showcases rising stars and new discoveries. Familiar feelings along with new adventures, the series of events will take you on a summer adventure of our design and inspiration. Heima dwells on analog and paper, new tones and nature patterns for summer. Carefree themes of friendships and union, touched by vintage textures and fresh sounds. Soft and smooth scents, gentle strokes, sailing through slow afternoons on fields of amber, tangerine tones and lush greens, on ombre skies and a sea of teal sprinkled with sun and droplets of neon colors. Handmade with love on a canvas of dreams, Heima brings you a collection of renewed inspiration and flare. 

Collection 5 Furniture 

This exciting collection provides us glimpses of summertime, with outdoor-inspired furniture and actual furniture that can be used outdoors. Again, we try to step a little out of our comfort zones while blending what we do best--an eclectic mix of color, patterns, and forms. The theme may seem like a challenge, but the design team has translated this overall theme and concept into real life practical designs. Among the key items of this collection is a love seat and an arm chair with curves inspired by a couple's embrace and union, wrapped in Ikat or floral patterns to celebrate summer and nature. More curves are explored in a form of a chair lightly inspired by waves, contoured to blend with the user, just a touch of cushion and consistent turning for legs across the several pieces. A few more complimenting pieces are also showcased, like an Ottoman bench with a new twist of color and floral patterns. These pieces can also be ordered in custom fabric choices and size adjustments. 

Collaborations and Exhibits 

Hello Sailor by illustrators Soleil Ignacio and Tokwa Salazar Penaflorida ( at Heima Cubao X ) Southern Stories by film photographers Aleyn Comprendio and Charles Buenconsejo ( at Heima LRI Makati ) Both exhibit seems to be influenced by similar themes of outdoor memories, summertime escapes and dreamlike adventure. We view them as secret stars, gems yet to be discovered by the mainstream. 

An additional Collaboration with Pper Heads, a paper installation art group allowed us to make our showroom a dreamlike feel of nature that compliments the outdoor theme, Also to be unveiled is a wall paper wall using a collaborative design by Tokwa Penaflorida and Soleil Ignacio, printed on wallpaper by Brushstrokes Creatives. 

Wall Art and Prints

New themes for the season, of celebrations and fresh positive outlooks. Fresh in-house designs with watercolor splashes, gradients and paper cutout as inspirations. Mixture of pastel to bright colors allow Heima to pick up from past designs yet continuing to release a seemingly fresh line. A collaboration with a former employee, Andrea Cervantes ( ) using her talent in doing actual paper cutout art has been channeled to vector based graphics for various applications. 

Decor and Accessories

New line of cushions, custom printed fabrics, words, typography and bold patterns are in the works. New design for bone china lamps and decors will also be unveiled. 

Paper Club

The launch of new stock and colors of MT Tapes (washi tapes) that are currently booming in the craft scene. New sets of Design Books and Issues of Frankie and Anthology Magazine, and also new designs of badges/ pins, Oh Hi tote bags, refreshed tags and branding. 

Apartment Life

The launch of Lomokino Cameras, Lucky Film (the one used for making the Southern Stories video), instax Wide Cameras and films, new Vinyl players and vinyl titles from Laneway bands are also available. The Tarsius vinyl LP which is going to be distributed by Heima will be available for order ans reservation soon.

Design Discussions (FREE but please register by email to

Four artists and additionally Pper Heads will participate in the third design talk called Design Discussions. The outdoor and surf oriented group that is also design centric - Coast Thru Life are also invited to speak on the said event. The group includes several architects, interior designers and Jericho Rosales as core members. The Heima Design Discussions 3 will be also on May 5 at 2 PM to 6 PM. Registration starts at 1 PM.

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