Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bean Bag Boss

These days, all I dream of sitting on is a cushy chair where I can sink into without having to find a nice comfortable position. My back hurts, my butt hurts. Even our once comfy couch doesn't feel as cozy anymore. And then I remembered - bean bags! 

As I was surfing for bean bags, I stumbled upon The Bean Bag Boss who makes bean bag chairs in different styles. Yup. They have come a long way from when they were these bulky, round lumps that kids and even adults would fight over to sit on in front of the TV screen. Check these out! Still bulky, but at least there's design involved now:



Teardrop (my fave! I think I can fall asleep here!)

Apart from the style, you may even choose the print or fabric your bean bag will come in. These bean bags don't come cheap though. Each retails for about $169, but comes with free shipping for US and Canada customers. Tempting! But I fear for my Johnny Air shipping bill, haha!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Very nice! I love bean bags too. Anything that relaxes me.
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Wonder Woman said...

OMG. These are awesome. They make my regular bean bag look like a total loser. :(

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