Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pret-a-Porter Manila

One of my readers Min, started an online shop, Prêt-à-Porter Manila, and she wanted to share it with all of us. Please read Min's story, here:

I don't know if you are aware, but most of the online shops here that sells products sourced abroad (ex. Korean apparel, shoes from China, clothes from Bangkok, etc.), operate on a PRE-ORDER basis. That means you place in your order from a "catalogue" within a cut-off period (usually every 2 weeks), wait for the seller to tell you if your orders are in stock, if it is, then you pay partial downpayment for your order (usually 50-60%), and then wait a good 4 weeks to even 8 weeks for your orders to arrive. 

Sounds pretty tiring and complicated, right? So I thought, why not make the online shopping experience easier and more satisfying (just like how shopping should be! :p). Everything in my shop is ON HAND, ready to ship, ready to wear, hence the name :) No more being told something is out of stock, no more downpayment, and best of all, no more waiting.

You see something you like? Just fill in the order form, pay, your orders are at your doorstep the next day (for Metro Manila). My prices are very competitive too, compared to other pre-order sites. 

For more on what's in store, visit Prêt-à-Porter Manila and like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/Pret.a.Porter.Manila. You may also follow Min via Twitter @Pret_Manila

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Tracy said...

So true! And so annoying. I know most of the stores that operate on that basis are small-scale, "sideline", small capital types, but sometimes why bother opening a store if that's the level of service you're providing.

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