Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's Your Signature of Love?

Whenever my mom would put us to sleep, she would sing this two-line lullaby, over and over until we’d fall asleep:

Sleep my darling baby, mommy’s not so far away. 
Sleep my darling baby, I am always here to stay. 

I am pretty sure she just made it up. I have never heard it anywhere else. It was her special song for us, and hearing her sing it was always so calming. Listening to it in my head transports me back to our childhood room, lights dimmed, my mom cradling our youngest. We had her to ourselves, all of us winding down to sleep, no chore or homework to concern us, and it was always a great way to end our day. 

Now I am in my mom’s shoes. I sing her song for us, to my kids. It is a part of my repertoire of lullabies and I get a bit of a thrill when Berry says, “Again! Sing again please, Mom”. 

This is just one of the many ways we bond, simple things that don’t really take up too much time or effort, but are reassuring and comforting in so many ways. 

Johnson’s Baby calls it a Signature of Love, the unique ritual between mom and baby. Quick, daily activities that define special bonding moments, like a secret message in a wink or a jubilant high five exchanged to celebrate small victories that feel like triumphs of the human spirit. 

As you will see in this video, it is also in that soft, gentle way that I remember seeing my mom use Johnson’s baby shampoo No More Tears to wash a newborn sibling’s hair, and the tender way she’d put baby powder on our armpits and back before getting dressed. It also happens each time I’d do a heart shaped massage on Berry and Xavi’s chests as I put lotion on their arms and legs after a bath.

Which made me think, apart from lullabies at night and heart shaped massages, what are the other bonding moments in our family? Inspired by the Johnson’s TVC, I made this video to share with you the Dychiao Signature of Love:

*please set the gear icon to HD for a clearer view ;)

I had a lot of fun doing this, and you will too. Just going through old photographs will make you eager to create more bonding experiences the kids can always look back to with fondness when they’re all grown up. How much more a video?

That said, Moms, go and make a short 30-second video of your family’s Signature of Love, all the better with a Johnson’s Baby product! It is a fun exercise and a great way to document both everyday and extra-special memories. It could also bring you fame!

Upload your video to the Johnson’s Baby Signature of Love Facebook app, here: and get a chance to see yourselves in a Johnson's Baby's TV commercial and on billboards too!

Now wouldn’t that be a great story to pass on to your kids and their grandkids?

Johnson's Baby, one of the most trusted names in baby care, understands and shares our need to provide only the best care for our babies. Backed by over 100 years of scientific research and close partnerships with expert doctors, nurses and mothers from all over the world, Johnson's Baby has committed itself to meeting the very highest standards of mildness and safety. We should know. After all, aren’t most of us Johnson’s babies too? 


Sealdi said...

My grandmother used to sing us that lullaby as well! My grandmother is a former school teacher in the barrios, and taught the song to her students. she said she knew the song as a young kid since their teacher taught them the same song.

cd_mfo said...

Oh wow! My mom must have gotten it from her mom, my lola, who was a school teacher in Pila, Laguna! Thanks for the tip! =)

Anonymous said...

My Lola used to sing this lullaby to me when I was little. If memory serves me right, the whole lullaby went like this:
Sleep my darling baby, Mother’s not so far away. 
Sleep my darling baby, Guardian angel watches (over) thee
Sleep my darling baby, sleep
Close your eyes and go to sleep
Sleep until morning, my darling baby sleep...

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Anon! Yay! Ok, now I can finally sing the complete lullaby to my kids, instead of just two lines haha!

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