Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MFO's Verdict On: Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil

The Product: Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil

The pencil is a nuetral taupe color that blends just as well into blonde hair as it does very dark brunette hair. The proof is in the sales, BDB has sold ten of thousands of these pencils with a 1% return rate. 

The Promise: No More Guessing Games! 

Formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colors, this amazing pencil goes on smooth and natural. Perfect for creating beautiful, natural brows whether you are a blonde or a brunette. This mechanical pencil always stays sharp and requires no pencil sharpener.

retractable pencil means no need for sharpening, comes with the built-in brush

Put to the Test: I used to not get the fuss about brows. Then again, I cannot groom my brows even if my life depended on it, so it was like a default mechanism that I just did not care about how my brows looked.

Don't get me wrong. I tried to do something about it. I've tried on pencil fillers and powder fillers but they looked so unnatural and cartoon-ish, I decided I would rather go without.

But then! My friend Eliza aka The Painter's Wife suggested I try Billion Dollar Brows at Beauty Bar and so I did.

I have only used it a total of three times, and considering that a ten year old probably does a better job at putting makeup than me, it's remarkably easy to use.

See Billion Dollar Brows on the left, and my natural, untamed brows on the right. See the difference?

BDB to the left, natural brows to the right

Passing the Verdict: It's a good and solid, BUY!

Practical Tip: For darker skin tones and hair colors, apply pencil until you’ve reached the desired shade. Use less pencil for lighter skin tones and hair colors. Blend using the brush end of the pencil. 

The pencil is water-resistant so no worries about losing your brows when caught in a downpour. And yes, you can even wear it to work out, if you want to.

With everyday use, the pencil should last about 3 months.

Price: Php850 but currently on sale at Beauty Bar for Php722.50

Point of Sale: Beauty Bar and online via the Billion Dollar Brows website.
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