Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DVF for Moi & B

Back to personal style. Here's an example of buying something you love, even if its not an iconic piece.  Or a dress that everyone would want.

DVF may be known for her wrap dresses, but I've tried on so many and still haven't found one that fits me right. Maybe because I do not have boobs for the jersey to cling on to! Heehee. But anyhoo, I found this dress at the DVF outlet in Woodbury Common back years ago, when Dada and I were just newly  married. I loved that it was a safari style dress. A style I've always wanted. A classic piece. But it was like $100, on sale. I walked away and went home.

Days after I still couldn't forget about this dress. We came back two weeks later. It was there, nobody bought it. It was meant to be. Sold! To me!

5 years and two kids later, it's still alive and still looks great. A true investment buy.

Diane von Furstenberg dress and Louboutin heels

Meanwhile, Berry wears a dress by DVF for Gap Kids. This was taken after school, so she already had glue stains on her dress. Eeep! Thank goodness for Grandma's Goo Remover (it's our new product, yes! More about that soon!)

We bought the dress plus the printed leggings at Gap Kids in Bonifacio High Street when this line first came out. Months later, Tita Trina and Uncle Jun went home, and Tita Eubelle sent her this t-shirt. It was perfect with the leggings! The outfit just came together naturally. Fashion kismet.


Cel said...

It's classic and nice. And cute girl!

laughing.gams said...

hahaha.. same goes with me when sopping. if upon my return after a few weeks or so and it's still there... for me its destiny! therefore SOLD :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Cel! =)

Yes laughing.gams, that's shopping destiny! Heehee!

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