Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're on Live Love Lolz!

Fake yang video na yan! Do not click! Go and watch HERE: or download the Podcast lang! Just search Live Love Lolz, Manila Fashion Observer!

Ok, quick background: my friend Donya Karrots has this show produced by New Media Factory (Basti Artadi and Miguel Olfindo levelz ang producer mga day!) called Live Love Lolz and in one of her earlier episodes, she said hello to Berry and her sandelles. I showed Berry the podcast, she said she wanted to be in Tita K's show, and severelle episodes later, et voila! Here we are. Actually, title of this episode should be "Berry" and not "Manila Fashion Observer". Extra lang ako dito! Haha!

For those expecting that we talk about fashion, we do naman. We talk about shoes: mine as well as co-host Jopa Malantic's Lanvins and Balmains, 90s fashion, and my personal style, ahihihi. Oh! And Berry's Donya problems.

Watch and see Berry in action! Warning, she's madaldal!


Auie MD said...

I enjoyed watching it, Tin! Berry is sooo pretty and smart. And she talked more than you in that episode.

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Yes, she's very talkative Dr. Auie =)

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