Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Registry at babyGap

Attention Mothers! Parental units (Guess the reference. My age is showing, haha)

Planning a baby shower, christening or birthday party soon? Well, let's make it easier for your guests to pick out gifts for your little ones via the baby registry at babyGap!

Yessiree, there is na! All you need to do is:

1. Visit a Gap store and talk to a sales associate about setting up a gift registry
2. Fill up a form
3. Choose up to 30 pieces from the selection in store
4. Share your gift registry to family and friends*

Finally, plenty of gift choices for your family and friends to choose from, apart from the usual suspects. Well actually, only Rustan's comes to mind hehe. Now I like baby registries because it makes it easier for me, and for my guests to come up with the things that baby needs most. With Xavi's christening coming up, friends have been asking me if he has a registry, and if there is anything that Xavi needs in particular. But its so hard to say "this and that" right? Better I think if they choose from my wishlist for the little boy.

So  I signed him up with babyGap's registry last week. Because well, he does not have as much clothes as Atchi Berry. Boys are lugi talaga in the fashion section. Always more fun to shop for little girls clothes I guess. In fact, at babyGap, I would find myself drifting to the little girls clothes, because the styles there are just soooo cute!

Check out the military/marching band jacket on the mannequin. Too cute and quite chic, especially if just worn with a basic t-shirt and jeans.

The babyGap registry also applies to little boys clothes. I managed to pick out a couple of basic polo shirts and button down gingham shirts for Xavi, because at 4 months old, he fits into 6-12 months na and so I can see he'll be fitting into the 18-24 months in no time.

Incidentally, when you sign up for with babyGap's gift registry around this time and until supplies last, you get a free diaper bag:

It looks like this, with plenty of compartments inside:

P.S. - What I like about shopping at babyGap is that there's enough space to maneuver a baby stroller. According to Nikki Verzo of Gap Philippines, stores are designed in such a way that aisles have ample room to maneuver a stroller in. Making it convenient to shop in. Mommy and baby friendly too! Good job, babyGap!

*You get babyGap invitation cards (as seen on topmost photo) that you can give to family and friends. I was also told that I would get an email so I can share Xavi's registry to our guests, but I have yet to receive it. Anyhoo, I told my sisters and friends about it and according to my sister Dianne, Xavi's list was up by the time she went to Gap on Bonifacio High Street the following day.

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